Dec 5, 2012

Memorial Team WOD Friday
The CrossFit strength and conditioning program has been adopted by numerous police academies, military teams and other public service professionals from around the world. Early CrossFit workouts -- commonly referred to as "WOD's" for workout of the day -- were named after girls, but with the following from military, police and fire personnel, special tribute workouts were developed to honor fallen heroes that lost their lives in the line of duty. The Hero workouts are known as some of the most challenging workouts, and are constantly evolving with CrossFit affiliates from around the world creating their own hero workouts.

Preston Calvin, a long time employee of Ft. Leavenworth MWR and good friend of IMCF passed away last week. As Mr. Calvin didn't loose his life in the line of duty, we are going to do a 'memorial' WOD in his honor on Friday. You may not know him by name but you would certainly recognize him by sight. His obituary can be found at:

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