Dec 30, 2012

Coach's Notes for January

First, we want to thank Scott Stanger for an excellent five weeks of programming to close out 2012. If you followed Scott’s program you should have a solid foundation in strength and work capacity.

For the next three months we will follow classic CrossFit programming with a 5-3-1 approach for strength work, with plenty of work capacity and core work built in. 5-3-1 means that for the strength movements the rep scheme will be 5’s for most of January, 3’s for the first few weeks of February, and singles (1’s) leading up to 7 March and the start of the Games. This program is built with the 07 March start of the CrossFit games in mind, but it will work well for anyone seeking a strength or general fitness program to start the New Year right.

For those of you new to CrossFit there’s nothing here you cannot attempt or readily scale. Most of the work is in the glycolitic range, no long chipper WODs or long, slow distance (LSD) endurance work. In fitness programming, you can have volume, or intensity, but you can’t have both. Not for very long, at any rate. This is particularly true of 5-days 'on' 2-days 'off' programs like we run at IMCF. This month is about a balance. That doesn’t preclude you from supplementing with your own work. If your goal is a tri or marathon this spring, augment as desired.

Speaking of goals, what are yours for 2013?


Andy said...

OK, I’ll go. Have a laundry list of goals for 2013, here are the high points:

• CFT of 900. Key to getting there is improving my Press from 150 to 175 (BW). Augment base programming with additional strength work (5/3/1 and Oly) in a smart way.
• Develop my capacity for high-intensity METCONs -- more training on the glycolytic pathway and honestly more mental toughness. Measure progress through signature workouts (particularly Fran, Diane, Elizabeth, Helen, Amanda, DT, Josh).
• Skill development and mobility work daily. Sleep more.
• Grow as a coach/trainer. Seek opportunities to practice my skills and assist the IMCF community while I’m doing it.

Thinking about working in more Hero WODs as well, maybe on Friday afternoons. Anyone else interested?

Matt B. said...

Fitness Goals:
#1. Adherence. When life gets busy, make time to keep the fitness in. Several 4-6 week stretches of nothing in 2012 from work projects, home projects, new baby, etc.
#2. Upper body pushing. Increase the # of pushups (a lifelong goat), the weight of presses, and get full ROM HSPU.
#3. Mobility to get "solid" front squats and land cleans in the rack; then increase the weight of FS, unhindered by immobility.
#4. Compete and finish 2013 CF Games Open.

- Maintain the 70%-ish paleo diet; more like maintain the CF nutrition Rx.
- Practice abstinance or mental toughness around tasty carbs (cookies, cakes, sweets, pizza). Keep carbs to Zone proportions (45g per meal).
- Reduce intake of artificially sweetened, high fat caffeine. 2-3 fatties per week, the rest either black coffee or water.
- Get Ha1c down from the 7's to 6.5. Keep blood sugars under 200, with 120 average.

Mark said...

Stay below my Army prescribed weight 192 while WOD'ing a minimum of 4 times a week. I tend to grow quickly when not consistently running so I am going to have to watch my intake... or throw in some distance running.

Jared said...

2013 Goals:
1. 2x BW deadlift
2. BW C&J
3. Improve/Increase snatch
4. 300 APFT
5. Maintain Paleo Diet
6. Complete Whole45 (Lent - Good old Catholic guilt provides the extra incentive)
7. Complete a 12 week Lean Gaines - intermittent fasting regiment, after whole 45 (reduce BF from 10-12% to 6-8%)