Dec 12, 2012

13122012 Thursday

Row 1000 meters
50 x Double-unders
40 x 53/35# KettleBell swing
30 x GHD Sit-up
20 x Burpee Pull-up
10 x Handstand push-up

Alternates to HSPU – Knees on box inverted push-ups (get vertical), or Get into Hand stand against wall come back off and do regular push-up, or Get into position with assistance and do HSPU with assistance under pull-up bar with bands. (don’t worry as much about time as doing HSPU development, so do something proper)

Double Unders

Kettlebell swings -


(time to make sure your GHD’s are correct. Lean back and extend your body to look back at the floor and reach with your arms up, don’t remain in a ‘crunch’ position and only lean back to a perpendicular line)


Noah said...

Last entry from Graf:

12:30. Pull up bars were not available so did burpee rope pull ups instead. And HSPUs were done in a pike.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


This WOD made possible by my imagination...
subbed 800m run ILO of row (no rower)
subbed 55lb DB ILO KB (no KBs)
subbed ABMAT ILO GHD (no GHD)
scaled HSPU with blue/green band assist

Good WOD - good to get out in the cold once in a while...definitely got the heart rate up!

Lastly, safe travels, Noah.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det @Knox

Slow this morning.. Maybe a bit too late at the social lastnight but felt sluggish today. DU just couldn't get a rhythm today.

13:25 with pikes to scale HSPU.

Jacob Heppner said...

Mike Anderson if you are reading this, I have missed your smiling face in the morning!

Good workout, Rob Craig and I knocked it out together. I will say my shoulders still haven't recovered from the burpee-fest on Tuesday, and they weren't excited for more of them this morning.

Scott S said...

Horrible time this morning.

1000 meter around 3:30ish, which subsequently meant my already sorry DU execution was even slower to start, couldn't string more than about 6-7 at a time, and mostly single/doubles, so that was painfully slow.
Burpee Pull-ups was able to maintain a good pace, not fast, but not slow.
HSPU killed. did 3 then singles, took forever to finish.

Jake78 said...

Great times,

My row is slow, and the burpee pull ups must have been eternal because my time was 17:26.

Good job everyone!


Andy M. said...

15:33. Hard time maintaining intensity on this one. Off the rower in 3:35, and everything after was a slog.

Ended up going solo this AM, too much rest -- definitely would have benefited from someone to chase or push me. Where did all my 6:15 people go?

Brandi said...

Good wod, not as difficult as I expected. I probably wasn't working hard enough.

rob said...

13:41 with some caveats, burpee pull-ups were 5 x pull-ups/5 x burpees repeated 4 times; 10 30" box jumps for the HSPU.

I stayed with Jacob through about 15 GHDs and then he quickly pulled away. The limiting factor for GHD this morning was that I got dizzy with each rep; that's not happened before.

I enjoy hearing from all the outlying IMCF stations and any substitutions or other-WODs. Noah, Scott, Ross - keep up the good work. Noah when you and Jared get back we'd like to start using you guys for a 0730 Team WOD POC. Save travels.

Erik said...

Modified WOD

Run 1000 meters
50 x Double-unders
40 x 30# KettleBell swing
30 x Decline bench Sit-up
20 x Burpee Pull-up
10 x Handstand push-up (negative's only)


Todd Polk said...

Great one! Real smoker GHDs to Burpee Pull-ups really hurt...but in a good way.

14:54- Had to scale HSPU to just negatives, as I ran out of juice.

Mike Scioletti and I will do the team WOD at 1300 tomorrow for those that are interested.

Charles Day said...

14:50 subbed 135# PP for HSPU as I was still wired up with my 24 hr heart monitor! Was able to get it off today so all clear for the team WOD!
Todd I will join y'all at 1300!

Ed said...

From JBLM...

Modified WOD:
1000m run
50 DU
40 KBS @ 53 lbs
40 burpees of the plain variety
10 HSPU w/ ABMAT as head-ground interface

13:38 as described.