Dec 27, 2012

12282012 Friday

2 person Team WOD
Teams will complete as many reps as possible at each station and keep a total for each exercise.

The team will only have 4 minutes at each station. Only 1 athlete at a time can execute exercise reps that will count towards the total.  The other partner must complete walking lunges with 45/25# plate for 25 meters (or 'down and back' for the length of the bubble).
Counting exercise:
Ring Dips
Box jumps
Push-presses @ 115/85#
Big Tire flips*

*As there is only 1 big tire, if there are multiple teams, have each time start at a different exercise so that there is only one team at a time on the tire.  If your group has more than 5 teams use the smaller time (you should get more flips) or sub an exercise.

The Final Score is your total time minus the total number of reps of all 6 exercises combined.  Keep a whiteboard near to keep counts of each exercise.


rob said...

We are doing a 0620 brief and start time tomorrow. We'll have at least Jacob H., Mike, Erin, and Darin Anderson.

Jacob Heppner said...

There is a new ILE student, John, who will be there about 0530. Who will hopefully also join in.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Angie @ 21:48

chest-to-deck pushups
ABMAT situps

Andy M. said...

265 total reps with Charles. RX'd, with 25m weighted lunges.

Butt-kicker of a WOD, glad to have a partner to keep me moving. 25m is very different than "down and back"! Opted for the shorter distance to allow more cycling through stations.

Planning to implement some changes to the website format over the weekend. More info to follow on our mainsite!

Mike Anderson said...

Darin and I teamed up for 134 reps. Those lunges were a smoker. Welcome to John - about to start ILE.

rob said...

197 for Brian and I; we sub'd KBS for ring dips and did 75lb PP. The lunges were very difficult.

Welcome John.

Noah said...

Legs were smoked from the thruster extravaganza on Wed and the Thurs WOD to boot. Elected to do an upper body strength day instead. Some muscle ups, some jerks, some handstand work.

Lookin' forward to the new site.

Ross said...


No partner so I mixed together missed workouts from Monday and Tuesday.
Heavy C&J: 205,205.225,225,235, 235(f),235
Then 4x10 of OHS at 95, and 4x5 of snatches at 135

Hand release push ups and air squats then 1-10 of ABMAT sit-ups and jumping lunges

Brian said...

Great WOD today! I worked with Rob and Cari with Erin. The weighted lunges made this a true total body smoke session.
Thanks to Rob, Scott, and the IMCF community for your tremendous support to Cari and I as we continue our CrossFit journey.
The IMCF website is an excellent information source and we look forward to the new format!