Dec 25, 2012

12262012 Wednesday

Strength WOD
 Back Squats 5 x 3
 Heavy, but only as heavy as you can do and go below 90, weight on your heels, good lumbar curve, chest up. Suggest going to about 75%, but this workout is more focused on getting comfortable at the
bottom of the squat, confident in your form. Check the ego and go lower, both in weight and depth!

 AMRAP in 7 min: 3 thrusters (100/65#), 3 chest 2 bar pullups + 3 of each, each consecutive round.

Start off with 3 Thrusters, then 3 Chest to Bar pullups,then do 6 Thrusters, then 6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups, then 9 Thrusters, then 9Chest to bar Pull-ups, etc...

The progressiveness of the reps is reminiscent of Games Openand regional WODs. Also, in reparation for the games, start holding yourself truly accountable for the standards with the pull-ups. Have a partner watch to ensure you reach your chest to the bar. If you are still developing your pull-ups, then ensure that these pull-ups, even if they are with the band assistance or jumping, are past the chin and the bar reaches your chest.

Chest to Bar Pull


Mike Anderson said...

Team Anderson will be in The Bubble at 0600.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

4rds + 5 Thrusters (65 reps)

"scaled" to 105lbs for thrusters

Jacob Heppner said...

Lonely in the bubble from 0500 till 0600, finally the Anderson Gang showed up.

7 min AMRAP: 18 rep round of Thrusters finished + 8 C2BPU. 116 total reps. Gut check.

Love these Open workouts!

Mike Anderson said...

I made it through the thrusters on the rd of 15. Darin made it into the pull-ups on the rd of 12 - his thrusters were scaled to 45.

Scott S said...

Back Squats - 225, 265, 265, 265, 265
Focused on going well below 90, on the heels with good form.

METCON - Made it to 10 reps on the round of 15.

The round of 12 really killed it.

Scott S said...

Almost forgot Jacob, here's my e-mail -

Noah said...

BS were 205 with one set at 225.

METCOn was 4 rounds plus 11 thrusters into the set of 15.

Andy M. said...

BS: 245/255/265/275/285

AMRAP: Completed Round 4 (12) +14 thrusters...almost a whole round better than I did for the open last year.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det...

Well finally back home after 3 weeks of TDY, fast food and 4 days of Xmas feasts and celebration... I hope you all had a great Christmas.

BS: 275, 295, 305, 305, 315

METCON: completed 5 rds as RX. (3,6,9,12,15) with 8 seconds to spare.

Meghan Smith said...

Did some Tabatas today for some extra fun. :)

I mentioned it last week on the blog but I'd like to invite anyone involved with IMCF to consider donating to the Leavenworth HS Lifting Club. They are a great group of athletes in need of sponsorship to pay for transportation to Oly Lifting meets, as well as the team uniforms. Please let me know if you're interested in helping out!