Dec 23, 2012

12242012 Monday

Strength WOD
 Heavy Clean and Jerks 7 x 1

Build up to a heavy C&J, not a max out effort, unless you feel like it. These should be heavy so you can get used to cleaning heavy weights. Practice going as heavy as you can correctly catch the weight as low as you can. Ideally, catch the weight in the full squat, but if you can’t, then catch it as low as
you can and then execute the full squat, hips below knees (past 90), weight on your heels, good lumbar curve, chest up, elbows up, the bar on your chest and shoulders NOT held by your arms.

Remember to allow your grip to loosen, and the bar to roll back onto your fingertips as it lands on your upper chest and shoulders. If you have a lot of difficulty with flexibility, try widening your
grip so that your hands are just outside shoulder width.

C& J Instruction

 AMRAP 15min of 5 power cleans (145/100#), 10 toes 2 bar, 15wall ball (20/16#)

Details – The difference here with the ‘Power’ cleans, meansthat you just have to pull the bar from the floor, but you can catch the barwhile standing or in ¾ squat. You do NOT have to do a full squat in this clean.

For the Wall Ball however, you do still have to do a fullsquat, hip crease below the knees and keep your heels on the floor.

Power Clean


rob said...

All the rifles are cleared out and it's 'archery only' season on post so I'm going hunting in the morning - won't make it in until late morning or early afternoon.

Mike Anderson said...

Team Anderson will show up at 0800. The MWR page says Harney opens at 0800 so we'll show up then.

Meghan Smith said...

I'm pretty sure it closes at 1700 also. FYI, rx wb for women should be 14#. With the exception of a waterlogged 10, we don't have 16s. When in doubt, women are usually at 70% of men's Rx.

Mike Anderson said...

In the spirit of the season, I'm going to do a 12 Days of Christmas/Crossfit WOD. I plan to arrive at 0800 and 3,2,1 GO at 0820.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

133/143/153/163/173/183/193* (20kg "bump" plates)

*New PR @ 193

5rds + 5 PCs + 4 T2B
"Scaled" - 143lbs for PC and 18lb WB
C&Js took their toll...

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and joyous holidays

Mike Anderson said...

Pretty impressive crowd this morning. I was surprised to see so many people on Christmas Eve - that's awesome.

Team Anderson did a 12 Days of Christmas workout - it was a smoker.
54:40 for me
about 1:00 for Darin

Merry Christmas

Scott S said...

Very large crowd this morning, lot of unfamiliar faces, guess that's the normal people who work out after the sunrises!

Cleans 185,185,185,185, 205,205,205 Only did the firt 2 as C&J, shoulder wasn't feeling the jerks, so I tried to focus on good catchs low in the squat.

METCON Rx'd 5rds + 3 TTB.
On round 3 pulled the bar right into my throat as I was fatiguing and lost concentration. Felt like someone thumped me right in the adams apple! As I was feeling sorry for myself I saw Mike killing himself on the 12 days, so pepped up and got back on the bar.

Ben smoked it almost finishing 7 rds. (thought about tripping him as he lapped me....)

Big John did 205 since Elizabeth made him feel bad about doing such a low weight for a 6'4" 255# guy. (thanks Elizabeth otherwise he'd have smoked me too)

This WOD was from the 2011 Kansas Crossfit Open in Manhattan. It was a 20 min AMRAP, and they had it programmed for 16# female Wallball. Not sure if they accidentally went above normal Rx or just wanted the girls to work harder. The top 3 were all over 10 rounds. So I think Ben was on pace.

Afterwards Big John has a bright idea for us do 11 rounds of 10 static dips.

Andy M. said...

Was all about a 12 Days WOD until I saw Mike's times, and decided I wasn't feeling like an hour's worth of chipper.

WOD: C&J singles to 205. Multiple fails at jerking 215/210. 205 it is.
METCON: 7 rds even. As always, gotta love a WOD that manages to sneak in a Karen. Good one.

Merry Christmas -- eat like a caveman would if he could tomorrow. No self-respecting Neanderthal would pass up mashies, eggnog, and cheesecake!

Mike Anderson said...

Andy - I was smoked on the last three rounds and taking too many breaks. I'm sure you would have been faster.

Erin Anderson said...

Did Mike's 12 days of Christmas wod in about 60 minutes. Moving very slow by the end. See everyone on Wed! Merry Christmas!