Dec 20, 2012

12212012 Friday

2 person team WOD
 20,000lbs in Deadlifts for time

1 athlete does Deadlifts, the other completes pacing tasks, switch and continue.

Pacing Tasks
5 box jump overs
5 wallballs
5 toes to bar
5 burpees

Keep a white board near the DL for your running count
Suggested weights and equivalent reps:
 225 x 89rps
 205 x 97rps
 185 x 108rps
 155 x 129rps
 135 x 148rps
 115 x 174rps
 105 x 191rps
 95 x 210rps
If you do this one alone apply the following guidelines:
1 mintue of deadlifts
1 round of pacing work
10,000lbs of deadlift


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Made up Fran today @ 5:58 as Rx'd

An improvement of ~30sec from previous attempt.

Wishing everyone at Fort Leavenworth and around the world a safe and joyful holiday.

Ross said...


Finishing my course here at Knox this morning then the rest of the day is travel day so I will have to make this up over the weekend. Just wanted to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas...

Mike Anderson said...

Rob and I finished in about 7:10 lifting 225 lbs the required 89 times. The side to side box jump overs almost wiped me out a couple times.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Noah said...

Wasn't feeling motivated today since I was yawning as I loaded up my bar, and this is after my warmup. Swithced to heavy C&J mechanics instead with L sits in between and some handstands.

If we don't survive the end of the Mayan calendar I just want you all to know it has been a pleasure to know you via this blog.

Charles Day said...

Went with the solo program version recommended by SGM Parson; 5 rounds of the team WOD conducting 10 DL in each round at 205. Finished at 11:00. Thanks to the morning crew for letting me bogart some space!
Also had a chance to do some coaching on the dead lift which was great!
Merry Christmas to all and see you next week!

Jacob Heppner said...

Rules for 2013 Crossfit Open/Regionals.


rob said...

Here's what I learned today. For a Team WOD that includes DL, partner with someone who can DL close to 500lbs! So, Mike and I finished like he reported, 7:10. What Mike didn't include was that for him, 225 was like lifting a broom stick, and once we finished our 20,000lbs, he continued to do DL to assist another team finish their 20,000lbs. I choose well this morning.

Harney Holiday Hours are:
Monday 0500 - 1800
Tuesday closed
Wed - Thurs 0500 - 1800hrs

Post to comments the times you are going to WOD so that you can form a group and don't have to do it alone.

Scott said...

Solo at 155 pounds. = 7:18
3 Rounds + DL to complete 64 REPS.

Scott S said...

did WOD at around 0800 (john was late), Partnered with Charles and went against Ben and big John. Finished at 6:40, and 7:00 respectively.

Think it went the same for us as it did for Rob. charles and John tore through the DLs, Ben and I both felt like we held them back by tearing through the pacing, should have just let them go at it.

Afterwards, the group did 100 strict pull-ups, alternating grips (Johns idea)

I hear you Mike, I almost biffed it on 2 of the box jump overs.

Will usually be working out around 7-730 for the holidays, provided the ancient culture who all died, but have somehow still scared the world with their hieroglyphics calendar predictions don't actually come true like Noah was talking about!

Got a fire wood permit, to cut some firewood from the cleared out area in north post. Plan to do it once the snow clears off and a day or two of drying out. Hopefully next week sometime. I saw some big tree bases that might make for good odd object flips. Anyone interest in helping out with the wood (cutting, loading, & splitting) let me know. Yes, I'm shamelessly making a ploy for some assistance. Have 1 truckload already at the house that needs splitting.