Dec 19, 2012

12202012 Thursday

Weighted Pull-up max effort. 5 x 1.

Turkish Get-ups - 10 x 1 (1 each arm, progress in weight each set)

Box jump max effort 5 x 1.

Today we will reestablish our weighted pull-up max. Warm-up by practicing your kipping pull-ups and focus on good, honest chest to bar pull-ups.

Last time we got our 3-rep max for pull-ups to introduce the weighted pull-ups. Today focus on finding out what that 1 rep max effort is. If you are still developing your pull-ups, then focus on practicing the kipping technique with assistance of rocking your weight back and forth on a box, then jumping up to get your chin over the bar.

Weighted Pull-up

Learning the kip

Find out what your max box jump height is.

Get heavy with your Turkish Get-ups. Use either Kettlebells or Dumbbells.


Noah said...

So our web page counter is about to tip over 300,000 hits...any prize for the 300,000th page hit!

rob said...

Andy Morrison is designing a new website for us; a little bit more modern and user friendly. We're hoping he will be finished and ready to un-veil it by the beginning of the year.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Pull-up 1RM IBA + 65lb DB (~83lbs)
Inches shy of complete rep with IBA and two 37lb chains! Failed and barely completed with 65lb DB.

TGUs progressed to 70lb DB.

Box Jump = 31in
Placed 1x plate on 30in box...not a secure/safe feeling. Having exposed my Tibia overdoing it on box jumps before, I did 5x box jumps at 30in.

rob said...

Very quite in the bubble at 0520 (just me); by 0600 there were about 10 of us. I didn't do today's WOD as it had way too much shoulder work. Helping a friend move last Saturday along with Fran on Tuesday has set me back and I need some rest.

500m row
50 DU
10 BJ @ 30"

Mike Anderson said...

Darin and I made it to the Bubble at about 0645 - we weren't skipping, Rob!

I've lost some pulling strength in my shoulder - only 35 lbs on pull ups.

Got to 53lb KB on TGUs then did the last 2 rounds with a 45 lb bar.

Got to 44" in the box jump.

Noah - I thing the 300,000 page hit should win 7 minutes of burpees.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det still at Knox

Weighted Pull Ups: 5@+45, 3@+70, 1@+80, 1@+90, 5x1@+100,

TGU - Using KB: 1x 35, 45, 45, 53,53,53,53, 70 (f w/Right Arm), 70 , 70

BJ 36" was as high as I had, just did 10 at 36"

janakehau said...

Meant to post yesterday but was in a mad rush to finish packing and get on a plane so didn't until now.

Showed up at 0540 or so and it was just me and Rob! Got a lot of help on how to do the TGUs the right way so thank you!

Pull ups: Did them with the purple bands, and then did 10 jumping pull ups after that
TGU: Using KB, 3 x 20, then had to switch to 15 for the rest, no ascending here
Box Jumps: Didn't know how tall all the black boxes were that I was using so I just measured up to my hips and meant to measure with a measuring tape when I got home...and that didn't happen so now I used the 12" tiles on the bathroom floor of this hotel to measure, and best estimate is 35".

Happy Holidays! Going to see how working out on the road goes these next two weeks....