Dec 18, 2012

12192012 Wednesday

Alright, today is another one of those benchmark WODs, another infamous evil girl - Grace!

Today's WOD is a metric of your power and technique.

30 Clean and Jerk at 135# / 95#

The videos show a variation of attempts at Grace. The first one shows a pretty fast, good paced attempt. His form is good. The last video, the guy has pretty bad form, I put it on as an example to watch out for. Try not to bend your back over, take a good deadlift stance at the bottom, keep a good lower lumbar curve, generate power with hip extension and a good trap pull, before pulling yourself under the bar to catch it on the front rack. Remember that your press or jerk ends with you standing fully up, arms locked out, bar under control. Don't begin to drop the bar early for speed or short yourself with bent arms.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Grace @ 6:12

"scaled" to 60kg with the metric plates

Today was a 2:15 improvement from the B4B WOD in October.

Scott S said...

Some awesome gains today!

Gained over a minute and PR'd at 3:48 RX'd.

First 15 straight and felt great, definately fatigued for the last 10. Still debating slowing down the pace and getting a more proper Jerk for those first ones to save energy, right now I'm PP the first 15 and getting them done in a minute, but then slowing way down for the last ones. Thoughts?

Ben smoked it at 3:47. Massive gain from 6 weeks ago.

Great camaraderie this morning with multiple groups supporing each other for time and cheers.

If people are looking for workout partners, I'll still be coming in, in the mornings over the holidays. Likely be a little later, 7ish, 8ish, sometimes with the kids. Have to start sensitizing them like Mike is doing with Darin!

Totally with you Jacob from your last blog. Highly encourage everyone to sign up for the Open, and I'd love to be a part of a team or group that wants to do some extra to specifically train up for the games. Does anyone know where Regionals will be held or if they'll have a local gym that will host the Open with larger groups from multiple gyms? Last year at my last post, there was one gym that coordinated with other boxes and invited people over to sort of 'host' the event on a Saturday morning so that there was heats and lots of athletes.

Jacob Heppner said...

54Regionals will probably still held at the same venue as last year, Chicago Navy Pier. The date last year was May 19-20, but that is also up for change.

Scott. A great way to get started getting ready is this TacFit Games crossfit competition that will be in Omaha, Nebraska, this Jan 20th.

DH said...

Got 4:00 at 115 lbs today. This was a drop in over a minute from the last time.

Matt B. said...

Made up yesterday's Fran. Tried it as Rx'd (ego) in November and didn't finish in the 10 minute time cap. Scaled to 85# today, and set the goal/expectation of 8 minutes. Got 7:55, though it certainly felt much longer. Kipping pullups where have you gone!? Used to be able to get 25 or so, unbroken. Today was sets of 5-15. I set the plan of giving myself 3 deep breaths when I took a break, which I pretty much adhered to; as opposed to not having a plan, and getting back on the bar in another second... another second... another second...

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, @Knox.

Grace: RX'd - 2:47, 12 sec better than last month. Felt pretty good, definitely better than yesterday.. Recovered much quicker than I did from Fran yesterday..

Charles Day said...

Rx'd grace at 4:45 almost the exact same time as B4B in November but much better form and felt stronger!
Anyone interested in a scaled team for the tacfit competition? I don't have the muscle ups down yet