Dec 17, 2012

12182012 Tuesday

Ok, today is the most infamous of Crossfit workout - FRAN. Remember that feeling you just had last week from the 7min of Burpees, you're going to have it again!

This is a sprint type workout. You're supposed to push through and supposed to end up on the floor with NOTHING left to give.

There will be a 10 min time cap. So scale the weight to keep the intensity, rather than take more more time to do the workout as Rx'ed. If you don't have kipping pull-ups, do jumping, assist with a band, but keep the motion going, rather than pause for long periods until you regain feeling in your arms. INTENSITY is key here!

If you remember what you did last time, you have 2 choices, either do this workout with the same weight you did last time, and improve your time, or increase weight (maybe you're ready for RX, and get a new RX time).

Thrusters (95/65)

Best done by having someone else count reps and keep time. Form counts - Squat below 90, full extension above your head for thrusters, Chin above bar for pull-ups.

The WOD is quick, so you can do it in heats. Take your time getting ready, best to do a good warm-up, feel the weight out, take a minute and then blast through it!

Skill/cool down -
Once you catch your breath, try to get a new PR for Broad jump. Record your distance by the markings on the bubble floor. Land on 2 feet stable, not falling forward.

It is supposed to hurt this bad:


Meghan Smith said...

Don't forget about the Whole 30 informational meeting tomorrow (Tues) evening, 1700 in the Bubble!

Jacob Heppner said...

(I refuse to date any girl with this or a similar name)

Rob: 2 pull-ups short of finishing within the time cap. This was his first time. Awesome job. Anybody have a good workout plan to get him off the bands and closer to doing an unassisted strict pullup? I'd appreciate it.

Mike Anderson said...

Jacob - Elizabeth has some good techniques that should help with pull-ups.

My Fran was not good this morning - not sure why, just not a strong showing - 6:41. About 2 min over my best time.

Scott S said...

Oh man, FRAN, what can you say?

Congrats to Ben, improved his time by 1:20, from 5 something to 3:45. Smoked it!!

For me Rx'ed 4:00, finished right on the minute. 19 seconds faster than 1st week of Nov, but still 13 seconds slower than my PR from 2 years ago.

Felt better on Thrusters and worse on pull-ups. Guess that's the trade off for getting alittle stronger and gaining a few pounds.

Saw some great improvements from quite a few in the morning crew. Pretty excited to see all the motivated people and the quick running of heats. We're coming together as a community, leaving bars for following athletes and helping each other out, really digging this, especially because it's free and self-run.

Jacob - I have 2 in my group that didn't have pull-ups but after doing weekly focuses on weighted pull-up (weighted negatives if they can't do a static at all) and doing a big focus on learning the kip by using a box or those adjustable pull-up bars, so they can get full extension, and lean through under the bar to get hips and shoulders forward while maintaining thier balance on the box, then rocking back to a jump/kip to get chin over bar. So now they both can do a few kipping pull-ups.

I've found to be a better 'development' towards gaining pull-ups than using strictly bands. I find the bands good for executing the WODs, but still need specific development exercises.

I've used this concept of teaching to develop the kip and that balance technique on the box I was writing about above.

Andy M. said...

Didn't have time for Fran (excuse invalid!). Actually, tweaked my neck/trap doing CFT yesterday, will make up Fran later in the week.

Did Tabata This!(-) and forgot the situps at the end. Row-8, SQT-15, Pull-8, PU-8 for 39.

Good Coach's Corner with Mark...appreciate every opportunity to get in front of a group and practice conveying info.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

After surviving the plague, was not up for Fran today. Did the Crossfit One from yesterday - results posted there.

Did see improvements in squat and deadlift. Still struggling with presses.

rob said...

Well done by many today. While there were plenty of PRs and doing Rx for the first time, the biggest improvements were in the areas of 1) good mechanics and 2) understanding of intensity. Most of the new-comers who have been consistent are looked good through full range of motion at the bottom and top of the thruster and pull-up. That's very encouraging and a testament to the time and effort of our trainers.

4:46 - well off my PR and I didn't do Rx. I had intended to use 75lbs, but didn't have the 5 lbs on my bar for the first 21. Thanks to Mike for getting them on for 15 and 9.

janakehau said...

Fran, wow. Nice meeting you, not. Only went 35 for the weight and did jumping pull-ups, time was 5:52. Arms were shaking and I'm going to be feeling this one...going to start with 45 pounds next time and go with the bands for pull-ups next time. Thanks to Gwen for the support!

Matt B. said...

Made up yesterday's WOD after staying home to take care of sickies. CFT from 1 year ago was 115 Press, 205 BS, 245 DL. DL coaching a few days later got the DL to 285. Today was 105 Press (110F), 235 BS (255F), and 295 DL (305F). Total of 635. I like that a 295 DL was good, hard work, but 305 wouldn't budge from the ground. Glad to move from the "untrained" category for my body weight into "novice." Try to keep the ego at the door, but "untrained?" Geez, how about "perpetually lanky" or "fast twitch challenged."

By the way, I noticed the bar I used had a pretty good bend to it. Of the three stations closest to the center "sidewalk" it was the middle one. Sorry if I applied too much force on the presses.

Laura Declouetsmith said...


I did the thrusters with 45lbs and jump pulls in 7.20. It was. Serious work out.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, still at Fortress Knox.. Man, I hate afternoon workouts, but I hate FRAN MORE!!!

FRAN - RX'd 4:47, 2 whole seconds better than 1st week of Nov.. I was hoping for 4:30 or better, but just couldn't get it today, no gas, no one pushing me..

Charles Day said...

4:47 as Rx'd just over 30 seconds faster than November! Huge thanks to Ted for sharing the suck with me, and Jacob and Simon for keeping us honest!
Form didn't feel great on the first 10 thrusters my legs and hips were pretty smoked from the CFT.

Joe O said...

Dropped down to 75 lbs, but did all the pull ups legit for the first time. Took me 8:30. Not bad since I normally scale the pull-ups somehow. Next time will be totally Rx.