Dec 16, 2012

12172012 Monday

Today is the Crossfit Total (CFT)

For those that started the Strength Bias programming we started Nov 5. This is the same WOD that we did that first day. This will enable you to measure where you were and where you are at. Minor gains, are gains. We were only able to do 4 weeks (with Thanksgiving break) of the program, so remember that if your PR for DL is 300, then 305 is a gain. Expectation management here, don't shoot for jumping 30+ pounds in Max effort attempts, unless you have been working for months and/or are new the lifts and you are discovering how to safely lift, in which case be ready for significant gains at first, then easy progress.

A simple compilation of 1 RM for Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. Suggest that you gather in groups, 4-6 per group and do a warm-up, then right into a build-up to a 1RM. If you are not that experienced or uncomfortable, try for a 3 RM on one or all of the lifts. The standards are pretty simple, as shown in the video, but to put in print as well:

Once warmed-up and a build-up complete, you get 3 attempts at max effort, NO time limits, just do all lifts in one session. (this time you don't need so many small increases in weight, get comfortable with some weight, make a jump for 1-2 reps, then make larger jumps, DON'T BE GREEDY, a gain, is a gain)

Back squat - Crease of the hips must go below the knee (ie go below 90, touch a med ball at the bottom if you're not sure), Stand completely up.

Strict Press - Bar starts on your front rack (across your chest/shoulders) travels up to locked out arms ABOVE your head, NO movement from your hips or knees. (think - a seated military press without the seat)

Deadlift - Bar on ground, stand up to fully erect position, no leaning over with straight legs.

Stay safe, look forward to the totals!!

CrossFit Total
1 rep, max weight for -
Back Squat

Explaining the standards for the Total:

If you're not comfortable going for 1 rep max, go for a 3 rep max (heaviest you can lift for three consecutive reps).

For those who want a judgment on performance, where do you rank?

Are you going low enough in your squat?


Mike Anderson said...

Squat - 435
DL - 435
Press - 205

I'm not sure why my DL isn't more than my squat. It's a squat PR so I'm happy about that.

Noah said...

Hard to believe we did this all the way back on 05 Nov, where does the time go??

Anyway, back in Nov I was BS 250, Press 115 and DL 315. Today I was able to pull off BS 255, Press 130 and DL 315. Two PRs and a tie for a previous PR. A gain is a gain, right? Happy with the strength biased programming over the last six weeks, I will strive to keep that bias for the rest of my days as a CFer. And thanks for the help Mike A and Andy.

Scott S said...
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Andy M. said...

BS - 315, PR - 145, DL - 365. Tied a PR on BS, just shy on the other 2. But, overall PR of +25 lbs since last CFT. Thanks to Noah for the focus and form tweaks.

Big numbers, Mike. Aren't you supposed to be recovering still?

Scott S said...

Freaking Amazing Mike!! Good lifts. Saw Darin going for it later on too!

Squat - 355 (PR)
DL - Made a large jump to 405 which would have been a PR, got it up and almost to full stand up, but lost it. That was definately all I had.

I know we saw some good gains, I can't emphasize enough, a small gain in 1 lift, IS A GAIN. In reality we really shouldn't max effort so close together, but were forced to due to the schedule and Christmas. I know alot of people were interested in seeing if their totals went up.

Tomorrow and Wed will be the real tells. Fran-Tues and Grace-Wed. Those will measure your work capacity and strength as applied to work better than max efforts. I personally am more tied to these as better metrics to peoples gains in functional strength.
Being able to handle a heavy weight while doing work, translates more to what we as military are more likely faced with.

rob said...

Well done by many I saw this morning, specifically in the technique part. I helped several through their workout and I would say the biggest gain was the awareness and execution of good mechanics. Mike - incredible numbers. I'd say that I challenge you to a lift and then a 400m run, but knowing that you ran the 400m in college I don't think I can even do that...maybe some pull-ups!

squat - 265
press - 75
DL - 365

I obviously have a long way to go with the press. My shoulder is making progress, just slowly.

Jason McKenzie said...

First time doing CFT. Thankful to Ted Hanger's coaching this afternoon.
BS = 255 (had 265 1/4 way up and lost it) I think I just let go on breathing at the bottom.
Push Press - 135lbs (145 was close, just fatigued)
DL = 330lbs on second try.
Total = 720

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, still at Knox, sorry I missed friday did some mad traveling this weekend to make a kids hockey tourny and get back to class.

5 Nov
Press: 195
BS: 335
DL: 405
Total: 935

17 Dec
Press: 205
DL: 425 I tried 435(f) and got it off the ground easy, but grip kept failing on me before I could get to full lock out.

Total: 985
overall happy with results. Wishing I could have got the bigger DL... Mike Great numbers, and everyone else great job also...

Erin Anderson said...

Dl 135, FS 140, press 75
We are advertising for the next fundamentals "on ramp" class on Jan 12th, please pass on the info. Last year there were a lot of new people in Jan. and i hope i can be as welcoming to those as others were to me last year!

I guess tomorrow will be fun! Thanks Scott!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"12182012 Tuesday"

Survived Black Death...

Squat - 295lb (+10lbs)
Press - 135 (0lbs)
DL - 365 (+50lbs)