Dec 13, 2012

12142012 Friday

Team WOD
Start Times:
0545 (Rob)
0615 (Scott)
1300 (Todd)

4 person team - Total Weight lifted by Front Squats in 20 minutes.

- 200 meter run (pacing exercise) transition to

- Plank hold (intermediate exercise) transition to

- Jump rope, singles (intermediate exercise) transition to

- Front Squat (counting exercise - FS weight x total reps)

One person per station, team rotates when 200 meter individual returns and begins plank, plank individual moves to Jump rope, jump rope individual cleans bar and begins Front Squats, Squatting individual begins 200 meter run.

Weight should be the same for the entire team. 1 Bar per team, weight comes from the floor - If you have to change weights to accommodate, strip bar to change weights. Keep track of reps per weight. (If you have a newcomer, who is still being introduced to squatting weights, and you must use a very low weight to safely keep repping out squats (ie; the bar), we will handicap their effort to count for 95# reps. Must be good, below 90 squats. Station a Medball behind you to give you a clear signal.

If you have an odd number, 3 person team, choose between Plank and jump rope, alternate between rounds, but you must only transition based on the 200 meter run. No 5 person teams, if you have a 5th person, break up another group and go to three 3 person teams.

Recommended weights:  95, 115, 135, 185


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

In light of Buddy Lee speaking tonight here at Hohenfels, I modified this one.

For time:
Abmat Sit-ups
Front Squat @ 95lbs


Realized late that it was 150x front squats which would explain why my legs hurt

Mike Anderson said...

Team DMJR (Darin, Mike, Jason, Rob) squatted a total of 23,330 pounds. That was a good workout and I'm glad Muir Hall doesn't have any stairs.

Andy M. said...

If memory serves, Team BMP-3 (Steve, Andy, Rob P.) knocked out 20,470 lb. Good stuff.

rob said...

Good WOD with Mike, Darin, and Jason. We had at least 6-teams for the early start and Scott had at least with the late start. It's good to see so many coming around for the Friday camaraderie.

We had 5 new comers today as well. We are pushing people towards the On-Ramp class in January, even if (and perhaps especially if) they have some CF experience. Learning the mechanics of the movements is where it's really at; movement performed correctly is what will get you 'in better shape' or achieve whatever your fitness goals are.

Scott S said...

Ok, Team of 3 the '3rd Leg' Ben, Matt W and I squatted 30,375#. Using 135# bar, total of 225 reps.

Great contrast with Team 'Cobra Kai' (no comment on name) of Craig(last WOD prior to PCS), Sean, Big John B, and John C, who used a 115# bar total of 270 reps and squatted 31,050#.

We lost to them by just 5 reps, so hats off. I dig the perspective of choosing low vs higher weights and seeing what kind of capability you have to maintain a good pace (reps) throughout the METCON. The teams who choose to go significantly lighter scored a few more reps, but with the weight calculations saw much different results. Shows the balance needed for work capacity, Strength, Aerobic, anaerobic, endurance...good stuff.

Andy, I took a pic of the totals, and must inform you that you guys were 565# under what you remembered, so you guys were actually at 21,035 (according to the board)

Saw Darin from DMJR working hard, motivated to see him in for the WODs!!!

Joe Parson said...

Great job! I'm on the road so I had to do the workout alone but I got a total of 7325. Army Strong!

Matt B. said...

Went for a quickie in between meetings. OHS and snatch practice, followed by 5x2/3 snatch at 75#. Really focused on hip extension and landing in at least a 3/4 squat.

Erin Anderson said...

Team SORE, 8000 and some change. Always positive meeting new people! Hope to see you all next week!