Dec 11, 2012

12122012 Wednesday

Five rounds of:
5 Dumbbell deadlifts
5 Dumbbell hang cleans
5 Dumbbell push presses
5 Dumbbell squats

Increase load with each round. Rest as necessary between rounds. The intent is not to drop the dumbbells throughout the entire 20 reps, and to recover enough between rounds to do each round increasing the load.

Dumbbell exercises video

Practice Muscle-up progression and Pistol balance x 10 attempts each.


Ross said...

IMCF SD Det (From FT Knox)

Dumbbell Wod:
35, 45, 55, 65, 70 for my weights.

Worked Ring dips, muscle up progressions, pistols (holding rig for balance), and DUs afterwards.

Meghan Smith said...
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Meghan Smith said...

Did yesterday's 7 min burpee WOD. Hit 85...I think last year I did 91, but I can't find my journal.
I now am coughing like I've got black lung from being down in the mines. :-/

John Cambell and Dan Rector I still have your jump ropes. Please let me know how you'd like to link up so I can close this account.

Meghan Smith said...

janakehau--By the way, you mentioned military push ups in the Burpee WOD. If you watch the video link to yesterday there is no expectation of a strict push up. Chest has to fully touch...yes, the push up makes it harder, not smarter!

Noah said...

From Graf (where it has snowed near continuously for 7 days):

40# DB on set 1 which is the heaviest they have here then went to barbell at 95/115/125/135. Should have gone heavier on the early sets but the later sets were just enough. A deceptively taxing set of movements. Added pistols afterwards.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Dumbell WOD:

2 rounds
5x muscle ups
5x pistols (ea.)

*blue-band assisted muscle ups over pull-up bar. Wanted to try unassisted, but grip was not happening!

*placing hand(s) on ground for balance.

rob said...

I agree with Noah about deceptively taxing. I max'd out at 45lbs for the last two sets; my shoulder felt all 45lbs. It might have been too much for it. I watched several make up yesterday's WOD (April, Jasmine, Meg, Laura) - good work. If you skipped the 7min of burpees (with the 6" jump) I highly recommend making it up!

Andy M. said...

Went to Gruber (gasp!) with Matt for the DB variety and lunchtime convenience.

DB WOD: 35-45-55-60-60. Talk about some major grip and shoulder fatigue. Last 2 sets, failed to lock out the last push press rep but was able to keep it off the ground and move into the squats.

Followed with a Max Rep Strict Pullup benchmark (18), a few rounds of pistols/free handstand holds, and some hill repeats/shuttles. Rob - 101 with a few seconds to spare! You might have had some influence in establishing my target...

Scott S said...

Smart move Andy to use Gruber for Dumbbells, we definately don't have enough in the Bubble. People shared and made it easy for quantity, but just didn't have enough variety of weights.

40, 45, 50, 55# KBs,70# KBs (only able to do 3 HPCs with the 70s, then dropped back to the 55#)

Finally able to rep out Pistols, but only with a counter balance of a 15# KB.

Saw 2 people get their first MU, pretty awesome. Have to remember to consistently do them during warm-ups/skill developments!

Matt B. said...

Went to Gruber with Andy, but we already established that.
Warmed up on rower, playing with timing of leg extention and hip extention.
Max strict pullups: 14 (PR over 13)
Pistols, handstand holds, and some landlubber METCON, i.e., hill sprints

Charles Day said...

Just did 3 sets at 45 and then rowed 3000m for a light WOD...wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs so took it kind of easy'
Hoping it will be game on for a team workout on Friday!