Dec 6, 2012

12072012 Friday

Team Memorial WOD
This is a memorial WOD for Mr. Preston Calvin who passed away last week.  'Calvin', as he was known by all, was a long time employee of Ft. Leavenworth and a friend to IMCF.  Calvin opened the door daily for us at 0500 and always threatened to join us for a WOD.  His passing was a surprise to all, especially his MWR and IMCF family.  His obituary can be viewed at

4 person Team total reps. 5 minutes at each station (25 minutes of work). Only 1 teammate can execute main exercise reps at a time, other teammates must execute waiting tasks.  Your score is the number of team reps per event added together for a final score.  Each team needs to carry a small white board with them to keep track of their score.  In order for the 1 teammate to count reps, the other three must be executing the 'waiting' task correctly. 

Wall Ball (20/14) - waiting teammates hold MedBalls in front rack in full squat.

Toes to Bar- waiting teammates all jump rope (constant singles).

Box Jump (24/20)- waiting teammates Bar Hold at top of press (75/45#).

Burpees- waiting teammates hold 50#/35# DB in standing front rack.

Deadlift (185/135)
- waiting teammates hold 1 x large tire off the ground.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did the WOD solo FGB style

210 reps total

WB 20/20/20
T2B 15/15/15
Box Jumps 15/15/15
Burpees 10/10/10
DLs 10/10/10

Scaled to 18lb med ball (only one we have) and 183 DL (20kg plates)

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, @ FT Knox this week.

No partner and an early morning so I made up a modified Monday's workout from when I was flying.

DL: 5x3 @365
Dips - did regular dips, bar and no weight due to shoulder tenderness

6 Wall walks
9 GHD Sit ups
Row 500m
Time: 12:29

Scott S said...

large group this morning. Thought it ran well. Second group there was just 7 of us, so a group of 4 and a group of 3. Brian, Ben and I went for the 3 man group, lots of reps, shorter 'waiting' times. Made for quite a smoker.

Ran into LTG Ferriter as I was walking out. He is the Installation Manager (or some other title) for the entire Army, global installations. He liked what IMCF had going and his group, a CSM, Aide and an E-8 talked with me for about 15 minutes about tying in IMCF with soldier resiliency, looked at incorporating some type of combatives programs. I made a shameless plug for more equipment, weights, bars, ropes, tires, etc.... He and the group were very receptive to the ideas and interested in tying in resiliency in a few ways, toughening soldiers mindsets. His aide and NCOIC exchanged e-mails with me and I want to put them in contact with the IMCF committee and see where we can go with this. Might be a great opportunity for the IMCF community to be an example for other posts.

Mike Anderson said...

Awesome Team WOD today. I think it's great that IMCF took the time to remember Calvin.

Got to team with two folks (Mark and Johnna) that I hadn't worked with before. Definitely a tough WOD when the 'waiting exercise' is tougher than the counted exercise.

Scott - another great week of programming

monroe said...

Scott, sounds like a great success in a meeting engagement, good work!

Greg M said...

Hello IMCF, Jacque and I miss you all. We will be doing this WOD tomorrow from the house.

Calvin was a good friend and a big help to IMCF. Thanks for putting this together.

Miss everyone

Have a great Holiday, Jacque and I might make it up during christmas break if anyone is around. Let me know and we will try to link up.

Brandi said...

Good WOD today! Total reps 508.
We broke it up into even sets and kept a quick rotation in our group.

james said...

Canberra, Australia.

I hope you all well, saddened to hear of Calvin's passing, rest in peace friend.

Subbed med ball cleans for wall ball due to garage gym limitations.


FGB style - 236 reps.

rob said...

Terrific WOD today and great camaraderie. I was an odd man out so I jumped in with a group to make a team of 5. We had the high score this morning, but then again with an extra person we should have!

I got to visit with Calvin's brother Joe and his family last night at the funeral home. They appreciated the flowers that Mike A. sent in the name of IMCF. If you feel compelled to do so, a few dollars given to Mike would be a nice gesture. I think his total cost was around $40.

Another great week and our numbers keep growing. Now that we are getting in the large numbers of folks, we need the L1 trainers to start stepping in more often and helping out. If you are uncomfortable providing coaching to someone then I encourage you to start coming to the coach's clinics and do some self study. The best trainers were at one point in their lives where you may feel you are now. They got to be good by getting involved and coaching! We are going to have one more coach's clinic before the break next week; probably the 18th or 19th.

rob said...

Greg - I'll be here throughout the Christmas Break.

James - good to hear from you.

Meghan Smith said...

Really enjoyed the WOD this morning. My class did the WOD too, with the added bonus of 200m run with med balls (that we didn't check out) and the doors propped wide open. Calvin definitely kept us in line on both, so it was fun to remember him through our small acts of civil disobedience. :)

Great to hear LTG Ferriter was in again. Please do pass on the contact information. A group of us have already started putting some information together, so now there's motivation to actually do something more with it.

Ed said...

My last IMCF WOD before starting the drive to JBLM today. Fitting that it was the 'Calvin' team WOD. I was with team "MC" this morning, a group of folks I hadn't worked out with before - we had a good time and a respectable score, though the details escape me at the moment.

I'd like to thank all the IMCF folks that made my two years at Ft. Leavenworth a great time of personal, family, and professional growth. Great to hear from some of the 'old timers' today - but I won't list a bunch of names because inevitably I'll forget someone.

If anyone finds themselves out in the Pacific Northwest, send me a note.

Best of luck to all -
Ed Gavin

janakehau said...

Team JEMM (Me, Erin, Mike, Mark, and Rob) - Thanks for picking up my slack so we could have the top score of the morning in spite of me! Okay, so we had a fifth person, but I kind of negate that so great work, and thanks for all the tips! Already feel the burn in my shoulders. My toes to the bar and jump roping abilities suck, so will be working on those.

Ed - I'm competing for the DTO position at JBLM and should find out in a month or two whether I'll be there or not, so I might actually take you up on that even though you have no idea who I am, ha!


Noah said...

Jared and I knocked this out in Graf on Saturday as a two man team. We did have about 20 secs between each round to set up for the next two movements so that gave us a little more rest than intended...464 total reps. By the time the DLs came around my legs were smoked. The slight pain was worth it to remember Calvin!

Greg, good to hear from you at the Great Place. I may look you up, I think I'll be down there for a short trip in early Feb.

James, good to hear from you too from down under. Not comin' to AUS anytime soon but I am still wearing Charles Taylor thanks to you.

Sadr City King said...

Great WOD. Calvin will be missed. Brought in a group of six, the community continues to grow. Hopefully, we can get more equipment. Ive got some plans to make the gym a bit more efficient lines, and signs of that sort.