Dec 5, 2012

12062012 Thursday

Strength WOD

Split Jerk 7 x 1 with 3-second hold at the locked out standing position. After warm-up keep ascending up in weight so the final 1-2 reps are at 80-85% of your Split Jerk max from last week.

Couple the Jerks with 10 second L-sits on the parallettes

Split Jerk

NO METCON today, Skill development. The intensity of your effort should be maxed on the Split Jerks. Gain confidence of getting under the bar.


Muscle-ups, Pistols and Handstands. 20-30 minutes of practice.

Muscle-up Practice. If you are still developing your Muscle-ups, then lower a set of rings so that you can reach up from on your knees and practice the transition from the pull to the dip.

Muscle Up Practice

1 Leg Squat (Pistols) – Develop by hold onto the pull-up bar frame or a ring to lower yourself into full squat on 1 leg and then help yourself stand back up.

Also, develop your balance by standing on a the side of a box and doing 1 legged squat, using other leg to hang off the box for balance developing.

Pistol practice

Handstand Push-up practice – If developing HSPU, face away from the wall, get into push-up  position, walk your feet up the wall getting as close to vertical as you can handle. Walk back down.

Also put feet/knees on a box and pike up to get completely upside down.


Do a minimum of 10 reps of all development exercises or of each if you can do them.

If you have HSPU, Pistols and/or Muscle-ups, help coach developing athletes.


Scott S said...

Ok, so the intent of Thurs is to take your time and do 7 HEAVY, but achievable Split Jerks. So build up to a heavy 1, then start your count. The video is repeated Jerks, but it's just for explanation of the jerk, not the WOD. Drop the bar, or re-rack the bar between reps. HOLD the Jerk at the top standing fully erect for 3 seconds. This is what Oly lifters do in development.

Also, the intent of gymnastics practice is 1) to develop those token hard to get and hard to keep skills. These should become part of your warm-up at least 1-2 times a week. They appear in xfit WODs, but not consistently enough to develop, so you have to practice more on your own. 2) Giving your legs alittle break from today, lots of Squats and need to be METCON fresh for tomorrows Team WOD.

For Wed's WOD, just for those that were wondering where that came from Crossfit Journal discussion circa Feb 2010; "During a recent cert at CrossFit San Diego, Khalipa obliterated a lunchtime workout, beating all the other trainers by about eight minutes. The workout was one clean and jerk (155 lb.) and a round Cindy, two clean and jerks and a round of Cindy, and so on for 10 rounds. The total numbers: 55 reps of 155-lb. clean and jerks plus 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups and 150 squats."

(yep, I already scaled it down for us)

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Split Jerk:

Two discoveries today
1. I'm right leg dominant; failed @ 165 when I tried left leg forward
2. Doing S/J in a power rack is mentally distracting; thought having a safety catch would boost confidence...rather the confined space did the opposite. However, as a skill developer, it made me move the weight in a straighter path.

However, 195 is a new PR

Focused on mobility work integrating pistols and hand stands.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det @FT Knox this week.

Split Jerks:
1x205, 5x225, 1x235, 1x245(f), 1x245(PR)

Worked on some MU progressions, have not had rings for past few months and really went backwards on my MU skills.
Pistols went OK, but need a lot more work.
HSPU still a goat, scaled them by moving away from the wall with hands, and also doing some walk walks. Shoulder still tender from last week, didn't notice till trying a full HSPU so I scaled.

Mike Anderson said...

I just coached Darin on the Split-Jerk today so I could focus on his form. He made a lot of progress.

He finished with his first Bar Muscle Up. He's pretty excited.

Scott S said...

Awesome PRs for you guys!

Got to witness Darins bar muscle- up, congrats to Mike & Darin, wish I would have started at 13, can you imagine?

SJ @ 185x3, 205x 4. Felt good, just not always locking in fast enough. Got low & stable though. Ben made grear gains on position and form.

Practiced gymnastics w/ CSMs & group. Cam do pistols w/ kb for balance, but not without.

Noah said...

From Graf...Jerked 125-155. Added the pistols, muscle ups and back flips afterwards, chose to forego HSPUs for now. Ross, nice PR!

Andy M. said...

Lackluster effort today. Deep thigh bruise took all the drive out of my jerks..that's what I get for playing hoops. Worked light singles and played with technique.

Spent most of my time on the rings with MUs, skin the cats, and planche attempts. If anyone on here actually knows what they are doing with such things I'd like to hear some pointers. Finished with handstand walks.

Brandi said...

Shoulders got a good workout from the 3 second hold on the jerk, parallettes and HSPU. First time trying pistols, not really a fan. Thanks to those who were helping with MU attempts, I will get it one day.

janakehau said...

SJs from 30 up to a whopping 60...since I've never done these before, that's a PR! Hahahahahaha....I'll pick it up each time I guess. Just wanted to get through it without hurting myself first.

Thank you to Brandi for showing me knees to chest for parallettes and some other stuff!

Pistols went okay, did them using the foot-tall box to sit on and tried the 10 MUs from the ground. Will move to knees next time. HSPUs hmm....walked up and down the wall ten times. Definitely using muscles I had forgotten existed....