Dec 4, 2012

12052012 Wednesday


10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps of 115/85# Hang Squat Cleans between sets of:
 5 Pull-ups
 10 Push-ups
 15 Air Squats

Do 10 HSC then the 5, 10, 15, do 9 HSC, then the 5, 10, 15,
do 8 HSC then the 5, 10, 15, do 7 HSC then the 5, 10, 15...down to 1 HSC then
the final 5, 10, 15.

Explanation of Hang Squat Cleans – HANG – don’t put the weight down each rep, SQUAT – catch the weight in the full Squat position then stand up. Develop your ability to have confidence in catching the weight IN the full squat as close to the bottom as possible. If you can’t catch the weight at the bottom, then catch it wherever, but then do a FULL squat with the weight.

Hang Squat Clean Video


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Scaled HSC to 105lbs

Squats to HSCs was genius! - painful but genius

Still recovering and feeling the effects from last week's URI

Noah said...

From Graf:

A crushing 23:53 Rx'd. Too much resting in between everything but I wanted to make the weight and maintain full squats throughout.

rob said...

I went to Hampton Roads CrossFit last night and did their 1-hour class.

2-man team
250m row
hold barbell in rack position until row complete 135lbs
each partner rows 5 times
13:31 with 115lb barbell

Holding the rack was harder than I thought. I had to put the bar down for just a split second twice during rounds 4 and 5.

I was an athlete in a group with another L1 as the trainer in a for-profit facility. I learned that many of our L1 could go out to another box and be a successful trainer. The guy did a good job, and it was a good comparison against our trainers. I had worked out at other boxes, but never fallen in on a class. It reinforces to me the efficacy of what we do with the 'train the trainer' classes and the opportunity to coach at On-Ramp classes and on a daily basis.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det reporting from Fort Knox this month.

WOD RX'd 14:04, great WOD, I probably rested too much between sets but felt really good. As long as I had the bar set up, I worked snatches, split snatches and OHS @115.

Jake78 said...

11:07 on Monday's METCON

Rowing was quick!

21:58 on todays but I'm fairly sure I repeated round 7!

Having some shoulder pain so I subbed the pull ups and push ups with 10x GHDs then did the squats.

Good long one today.


Mike Anderson said...

20:50 today.

I took too many breaks, but was glad I could do all the pull ups.

My shoulder is coming along.

Andy M - nobody will ever confuse me for a math nerd!

Ed said...

21:38 @ 95 lbs. Way too many breaks.

Another big crowd this morning, good to see the community growing.

Scott S said...

Good crowd, lots of new faces.

time to pressure for more equipment, had to wait (continue warming-up for 20 minutes) waiting for bars. Motivating to see so many people doing good work.

18:19 Rx'd. John B and I faced each other so there was good motivation to keep pace.

No heavy squats tomorrow, so be motivated.

Meghan Smith said...

23:14, or thereabouts @55#. Took time in the middle to turn on some music and address a safety concern.

Some good discussion was had this morning regarding programmer's intent and scaling. I heard Scott mention it was around a 20 min workout. I knew I could do 85#, but would have to clean, then squat and it would take longer than the average time. While he provided that as an option, I wanted to focus on the skill of catching in the squat. I was uncertain how many reps I could do properly, so I went for 55. I think I could have done 65, and I know I should have moved faster but the blasted pushups were rough. If you aren't sure of the programmer's intent, ask!

Saw some good coaching from a few of our new L1s. If you attended the course and aren't sure how/where to step in and help, please ask. The responsibility of coaching falls on those of us that are certified, and the expectation of the athletes in the Bubble is that scholarship certification was awarded for the benefit of the whole group.

Andy M. said...

18:47 Rx. CFSPU, though they got a little squishy toward the end.

Fun WOD, good to mix it up with an afternoon session and different faces. Great push by Matt & Blair.

Matt B. said...

19:14 at 65#. Tried 95# in warmup, but couldn't catch it with good mechanics. Went with 65#, which gave me 55 attempts to practice good mechanics. Just like yesterday, I found that when I focused on explosive hip extention, the rest of the catch/squat came much better.
Great to have Andy M and Blair along side. Had to go to knees for pushups (LIMFAC) on last six sets, and Andy and Blair kept me from pausing too long.