Dec 3, 2012

12042012 Tuesday

Strength WOD
Back Squat 5 x 3 @ 75% of your 1RM. ALL 3 sets of at 75%, NOT ASCENDING. So do plenty of warm up/build-up sets to get to 75%.

 Couple the Squats with Weighted Pull-ups 5 x 3 @ 75% of your max.

The Squats and Pull-ups should take the majority of your time. Focus on great form, depth in squat, weight on your heels, engage your hips, and drive the weight up. Take plenty of rest between sets, don’t rush, make the weight, don’t reduce the load. The goal is to develop your squats today!

Back Squat Video

 1 x 500 meter sprint row for best time
1 x 300 meter sprint row for best time
1 x 150 meter sprint row for best time
Rest 2-3 minutes between rows

Row Video


Mike Anderson said...

I need to ask a dumb question, because maybe I did this morning's workout backwards.

Is it 5 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 5? I realize based on the transitive property it's the same number of reps either way, I just want to meet the intent of the workout.

Scott S said...

Hey Mike, todays & tomorrows are 5 sets of 3 reps, & you're right, there is intent for 3 reps over 5, as the load for each obviously differs. No dumb questions, I read & watched journal video for the last 4 years & still have plenty of xfit questions.

NOTE for all on tomorrows row sprints, all out effort, should be nothing left in the tank when your done, you should need the recovery to make the next row.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Back Squat @ 215lbs
Pull-ups @ 45lbs

No METCON today b/c of time and equipment constraints. Could have gone to Globo Gym which has C2 rowers, but that would have been going to the Globo Gym.

Ed said...

Good WOD this morning. 225 across the 5 sets of BS, stayed at 45 for the pullups. Row times: 500m in 1:34, 300m in 0:56, 150m in 0:31.

Feeling slightly lightheaded after all that. Good stuff.

Sticking with HSPU as part of warmup. 10 is no issue now, will try for a max rep soon to see what I've got.

Mike Anderson said...

335 for all 5 sets of Back Squat
Body weight for the pull ups

500m 1:29
300m 57
150m 28

Noah said...

IMCF Grafenwoehr Edition

BS was 185 and 195. Wish my post wasn't right after Mike's, makes my numbers look even weaker!

Pullups were 30, 40 and 45s.

Rows were 1:36, :58 and :29.

Here in Graf the amount of square footage that the gym has given up for functional fitness is equal to the amount of square footage our new infinity rig takes up. And it is closed off to everyone for specific CF groups to use about 5 times a day. You would think that would be reason enough for them to dedicate more SF to it. Of course they have about 8000sf dedicated to globo gym and mirrors. Makes you thankful for our bubble.

Scott S said...

BS 245, 275, 275, 315, 315.
Totally broke protocol at staying at 75% as John B 'encouraged' me to go up in weight. Felt good, and good push, so I'll take it. Thanks John.

PLU - 53 across, tried 70 for the last one failed at 2.

500 - 1:30.1
300 - 56.6
150 - 29.4

This shows my dedication to fitness as I F#*#*g hate rowing!!! (but I know it's good for me...& you)

Andy M. said...

BS: 245 across, Pull ups: +70.

ROW: 1:33.1, 55.8, 28.7
Almost yakked after the 300m, brutal.

Mike, if you keep saying stuff like "transitive property" you're going to get roped into a TRAC assignment with the rest of the math nerds like Rob.

janakehau said...

Okay, so....Saturday was a great fundamentals class and today was my first WOD, so if anyone thinks they have low numbers, feel free to post after me to feel really good :)

BS: 65, 65, 65, 65, 65 (because the bar weighs 45 right?)

Not sure what that 75% RM meant (record max?) but figured I'd start at the lowest, concentrate on form, and figure out where to go from there.

PU: Jumping pull ups while standing on the box :)

ROW: 2:03ish I think, 1:45ish maybe, :59 and then I later realized I was short 50m. Oops. I'm going to have to pay attention to times and distances next time.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the meanings to all the acronyms used here? Figured out WOD, BS, PU...others are probably coming up though.

Will be back!

rob said...

janakehau - send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a compiled list of acronyms. I'm glad Saturday went well for you and hope you keep coming back. This Friday is going to be a Team WOD and it's a great experience to be a part of.

I'm TDY but hope to get in a WOD within the next few hours. We got out early and I contacted CrossFit Hampton Roads. I hope to make their 1800 group. If not, I have my jump rope, a stretch of road, and a big rock - I'll come up with something.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det reporting from FT Knox this week.

BS: 275 across the board
PU +45 lbs across the board.

150@0:27 should have been about a :24 but I quit at 100 and had to grab the handles again, who switched from even 100s to 50s, WTH?

Mike Anderson said...

janakehau - also has a FAQ tab on the left of their page. Question 1.11 should cover any acronym you'll see. We can also try to cover them in the blog.

1RM = 1 Rep Max; the most you can do one time.

Matt B. said...

Curious. Anyone adjust their C2R damper settings between the 500/300/150 row? I didn't, but maybe I'm missing something.

BS - 185# across the board (my bodyweight).
PU - 44#
500m - 1:44 (tied PR, I think)
300m - 1:02 (1st time)
150m - just under :29

Two cool feelings. 1. Last set of BS. Felt springy and thought to up the weight, but decided to go for more intentional hip extension at the top. More intentional hip extention made the bar come off my shoulders 1/2" then vibrate a second. Pretty cool. 2. First two row sets were at about a 1:44 pace. On the third set (150m) it took mental effort to increase cadence/cycle to a 1:29 pace. Felt fast. Felt cool. Trick now is to remember those two feelings and train that way.

Jason McKenzie said...

First time for the afternoon session (1550 start). We'll see how long my wife can get up for the early session. (lol).

185 across for DL
50lbs for PU; need a belt or rope to do more

500 - 1:35
300 - 57
150 - 29

2 min in between set damper at 10

janakehau said...

Thanks Mike and Rob!!!