Dec 2, 2012

12032012 Monday

Strength WOD

Deadlift 5 x 3 building up with ascending weights to 75% of
your 1 RM.

Couple the Deadlifts with Weighted Ring Dips 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
with ascending weights.


Then 3 rounds of:

3 x Sumo DL High Pull @ 115 (Beast Mode – 135)
6 x Wall climbs (Beast Mode – Deficit HSPU)
9 x GHD Sit-up
400 meter run

Wall Climbs

Deficit HSPU in 2012 xfit games


Scaling - The SDLHP’s should be heavy enough that you have to
explode to pull the weight up to chin height and then drop the weight and reset
every rep.

The Wall Climbs/Deficit HSPU’s will take some time to
complete, likely very difficult to complete without breaks. If you commit to the Deficit HSPU, at least finish the round with them, if you have to change to Wall Climbs, do it in subsequent rounds.


Todd Polk said...

Hey all great Foundations class this past Saturday. I got the broken flat bench and 20" box repaired this weekend. Please, let myself or Charles Slider know as you come across equipment worn out, breaking/broken or just unsafe. Also, plaease help take care of OUR equipment, if you see someone misusing or abusing the equipment, say something.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

~243/253/263/273/283 (mix of metric and standard plates)

15:03 for METCON
"Beast Mode" for SDHPs
Subbed 100x DUs ILO 400m run because the weather conditions

Ross said...

travel day, see what time i get in tonight, maybe I can catch up or get some type of work out in.

rob said...

Sub'd 25 DUs for wall climbs
95lb SDHP for 115lbs

The bubble was packed this morning partly as a result of the On-Ramp class this weekend. There were quite a few familiar faces from our group on Saturday. One item we need to clean up is the wearing of reflective belts. Few had them today. It is post polict to use a reflective belt while running, and the Harney staff asked us to honor that. In the past ICE comments have been plentiful concerning CrossFitters running in the parking lot and the risk of a hitting one of them. We told Harney Staff that we would clean up the problem internally.

Thanks to Todd and Charles for their maintenance work. Todd ID'd the bench and with just a little time and effort salvaged it. Charles painted the lines you most likely saw on your 400m run this morning. In addition to Id'ing equipment in need of repair, Charles is doing a monthly maintenance check on equipment the last Friday of each month. Contact him if you can help. We'll announce it as it gets closer to the end of the month. Thanks to Todd and Charles.

Noah said...

IMCF Grafenwoehr

Was going off of memory at the gym today so did 5x5 vice x3 DLs and forgot to include anything that resembled a run for the METCON.

DL: 205X2, 225X2, 245.

METCON of SDHP (115), wall climbs and GHDs (no run): 6:15. Worked back flips more with Jared afterwards. They prove just as difficult on this side of the Atlantic.

Scott S said...

Dl @ 225,245,275,295,295
Rdip@ 35,35,70,53,53 (WTF was I thinking to do a70# kb??)

SDLHP @ 135
Round 1 - Deficit HSPU, rd 2&3 did - 3 x Def HSPU ( broke the recommendation & finished w/Wall climbs

Got caught up trying to keep pace w/ Ben

Mike Anderson said...

Deadlift 205/255/255/325/325
Stayed with BW for the Dips

Subbed 12 elevated Push Ups for the Wall Walks

My shoulder is getting better and it was nice to do almost the whole WOD Rx'd.

Andy M. said...

DL: 225/275/275/275/295 with 10 x ring dips across.

METCON: 10:40ish with 135# SDHP and normal HSPU...good but not quite full ROM.

Joe O said...

This was a fun WOd. Those wall climbs were killer.