Dec 9, 2012

10122012 Monday

Strength WOD
Front Squat 5 x 3 @ 70% of your Back Squat 1RM
Couple with False grip L sits hangs on the rings for 10 seconds.

3 rounds of 7 reps of:
Squat Clean & Thruster (135/95#, BEAST Mode 155/115#)
Chest to BarPull-ups (BEAST Mode Muscle-up)

Clean and Thruster video

After - Practice box jump height x 8 attempts.


Noah said...

From the winter wonderland of Graf:
FS at 185# across with the added L sits. A few reps were less than ideal form with a slightly collapsing torso.

135# squat clean thrusters were not gonna happen so scaled to 105# for the METCON at 4:10 with Steve and Jared close behind.

Mike Anderson said...

Great to see Jacob Heppner back!

FS: 295-295-295-275-275

METCON w/ 155 & C2B pull ups: 8:03

Jacob Heppner said...

You know its a great day to be back, when Mike is easily front squatting 295# and then getting to yell at him huffing and puffing over 155# squat clean thrusters.

METCON with 155# and Muscle ups: 8:33.

Followed by other hodge-podge stuff.

Andy M. said...

FS: 205 across. Tried to bump to 225 on one set, but failed on the 3rd rep...finished out at 205.

METCON: 11:51 at 135 & MU. Box jumps afterward, made it to 45"ish or so.

rob said...
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rob said...

Welcome back Jacob H. and Rob I. It looks like you guys were getting in some WODs at Ft. Lee. We hope to see you every morning from now on....hint to Rob I!!

Noah - It's cold here but no snow yet; maybe you can bring some back for us. We've forgotten what it looks like. It's good to see you post and we look forward to you and Jared running the banker's hours Team WODs when you get back.

I made progress today but didn't do Rx. I did 5 rounds becasue my weight was so light and got a great workout.

FS - 185

6:34 at 70lbs
I did do pull ups for the first time since 10 July and I was very encouraged by it. I won't kip or butterfly yet so I have a hard time striging them together. It was mostly dead hang.

Mike A. - I thought you said you had shoulder surgery?

Scott S said...

FS - 235 for the last 3 sets.

L sit False-grip hold x 3 sets at 10 seconds

Squat Clean Thrusters @ 155

Took me 19:26. Shamefully long time to complete, my shoulders were spent and MU became doubles and singles, with huge breaks for the last 2 sets. Lost the intensity during MU, but really wanted to see if I could complete it.

Ben (who did MU as well before me) stayed with me to keep me going, otherwise I'd still be in the gym. Thanks Ben. Although what he looked like during the final set should have been a sign.

Jacob - sorry you had to wait so long for your rings, but needed the time to finish. Plus your a sicko with that time so you needed to hang out in the gym and watch someone suffer alittle.

Jacob Heppner said...


Anytime you want someone to jump in a workout out with you just let me know. I'm not sure if you did it by yourself, but you always need to find someone to join in the "fun" with you. And anytime you want to use those rings when I'm in there just ask.

Matt B. said...

95# FS. Can BS more, but working on mechanics of FS without dumping weight or losing midline.

8:13 for METCON at 95#. Some squat-thrusters felt beautiful, some felt dang ugly. Dumped the bar on two attempts. Got 5 MU, then 1 on 2nd set, then 1 on 3rd set. Rest were C2BPU.

Right wrist is a bit tender...

Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment, still at Fortress Knox.

Had to hit the workout after class today and sitting looking at slides all day really drained me.

FS 275 across the board.

METCON: w/135lbs and chest to Bar Pullups
Time: 4:59