Nov 30, 2012

Maintenance Friday
This is a reminder that Charles S. and Tom M. are going to spend about 30 minutes this afternoon doing some maintenance at the bubble.  One of the tasks is to re-paint the 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m marks along the road.  If you have some time please lend a hand.

On-Ramp Class
Tomorrow from 0830 - 1230 we will hold an On-Ramp class.  It's not too late for you or anyone else to attend.  The last count Mark gave was 15 in attendance and we have the capacity for many more.  For all the trainers that will attend, please bring your L1 book.  If you are not actively involved as a PI you will be training your peers on the 9-movements.


Brandi said...

Thanks to IMCF for the opportunity to be a PI today at the fundamentals course. I hope those in attendance learned as much as I did.

janakehau said...

Thank you all for giving the class! Feel it in my traps and adductors (aka my shrugging muscles and inner thighs, had to look that up) this morning. Great info too and instructors. See you all again soon!

Sadr City King said...

great participation at the Foundations course. the Crossfit family is growing everyday.