Nov 29, 2012

113012 Friday

2 person Team WOD

10 rounds – Bar Hold and pacing work (2 x Farmers carry, Bx Jumps, Ball Slams).

75/45# (BEAST MODE 95/65#) bar hold – Must be off the ground. Move the bar through all positions back and forth, from the top of DL, clean to the Front Rack, push-press to the top of Press/jerk, then lower onto your back and then return to top of press, front rack, DL. Position must change every 15 seconds.

Every time the bar hits the ground you must do 3 Burpees, including when you change out.

Pacing work;

Farmers carry 50-60# dumbbells or kettlebells from bar area to other side of gym.

5 x Box jump overs (20 in boxes for all, jump on the box and go over, or jump over box to other side)

Farmers carry 50-60# dumbbells or kettlebells from box jump area back. Don’t drop weights on concrete!

5 x Ball slams 20/14# RUBBER medballs.

Switch with partner. Repeat 9 more times.

Explanation – Partner 1 picks up bar (changes the hold positions every 15 seconds), partner 2 does 3 Burpees then starts Farmer carry to boxes, does box jump overs, Farmer carry back, do Ball Slams, relieve bar-holding partner 1. Partner 1 does 3 burpees then pacing work.


Noah said...

There are 3 of us that will show up at 0730 and look to start between 0800 and 0815 for anyone interested. Call it the "banker's hours" workout.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Today was not my day. A URI is getting me down. Barely made it through 1 round of the "pacing" exercises. Focused instead on mobility. Thanks to MobilityWOD, I was able to work through some problem areas in my shoulder(s).

Meghan Smith said...

Good team WOD...a little chaos at the exchanges kept it interesting. Great week.

Ropes get here today. Payment is necessary for delivery--I'll have them tomorrow at the On-Ramp/Fundamentals and next week.

We earned at 15% discount, so to cover shipping, check your handle style, subtract 15%, then add $.50.

Solid Series (normally $34.95) =$30.21
Graphic Series (normally $37.95) =$32.76
Tactical Series (normally $39.95) =$34.48

If you can't remember what your ordered, email me at and I'll let you know.

Sadr City King said...

Great workout today. Added a couple of people for the Fundamentals class. Should add to the Crossfit family.

rob said...

We had a huge turnout this morning. The first group had 15 teams (30pax)and the 2nd group had 5 teams (10pax). As Meg said it was a little chaotic on the ground, but I bet a bird's eye view would have shown otherwise. A view from the top would have shown 40 motivated people getting after it. There were several new faces this morning as well as many of the usuals. Keep inviting your friends for the Team WODs; eventually they will want to join you on a regular weekday.

Our On-Ramp class is tomorrow morning (0830 - 1230). Two of today's new-comers asked about it and will attend. It's not too late for you to attend, or to get your friends/peers/family to attend.

Finally, Charles and Tom are going to meet at 1530hrs today to do some maintenance. If you have the opportunity to help please do. Charles mentioned that one of the things he wants to do is re-paint the 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m marks on the road.

Jake78 said...

Joel and I did "Annie" this morning

Joel to 3 to 1 single unders and did it in 12:00

I used my new jump rope and did it in 7:33.

We both did Ab Mat situps.

Group workout this morning looked motivated! Good to see!


Ross said...
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Ross said...
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Ross said...


No partner here today and was limited on time so I modified the workout a bit.

Did 5 RFT
5 Bear complex @95#
5 Burpees
50m Farmers Carry with 2 x 60# DB
5 Box Jump overs @20"
50 m Farmers Carry with 2 x 60# DB
5 MED Ball Slams 20# ball

Time 17:20 - should have been faster realized I was walking on farmers carry about half way through and had to kick myself in in the butt.. Also developed a shoulder twinge (long week of shoulder work) on the 4th round so I really slowed down my Bear Complex and Burpees the last two rounds, but still a good workout..

Noah said...

Steve, Jared and Noah made it work with 3 people but did not time it. Not sure if we followed the intent of the programming, we counted each trip thru the movements as a round so one partner did 5 and the other did 5 for the total 10.

Afterwards we made up a quick metcon of 3 rounds of:
Tire flip half the bubble with Big Boi (pacing)
225# DLs

We're off to Germany for the next few weeks, see everyone on the blog.

Scott S said...

Great turnout and awesome work by everyone. Really enjoyed it and hope that everyone else is enjoying it too!

95# bar hold and 53# KBs - partnered with Mike K, 28:13

Will look to do 3-4 person team WOD next friday to better accomodate the larger audience, but I think it went well regardless. I would say that we need a round timer, like at a boxing/MMA gym (or most Xfit boxes) that can be set to various times. I have an APP on my phone that can do the counts, which we used last week for the 15 second 'change', but not loud enough for the entire group.

Rob/Mark - What is the process for a gym purchase? Anything we can do to help? I would throw in for a group purchase if we want to just raise the money ourselves.

Mike Anderson said...

Great WOD Today - The huge crowd was impressive to see when we came in.

Team Anderson finished in 34:50.

Thanks to all the folks that encourage Darin. He really likes coming to the Bubble which is a big deal for a pretty shy kid by nature.

Ed said...

Kudos to the big crowd this morning. I partnered with another Ed who is relatively new. We finished at around 31 minutes.

Keep spreading the word - managing large groups is a good challenge to have!

Wade said...


Josh and I teamed up on this one and finished in 41:33.

Used 85 lbs on bar, 50 lb DBs and 12lb rubber med ball (all we had that was useable), guestimated on farmer's walk distance based on how the bubble looks in my mind's eye.

Forearms were smoked. Thought 41 min was a pretty good time until I saw the times posted by Scott, Mike and Ed - great work all!