Nov 28, 2012

112912 Thursday

Strength WOD

Clean and Jerk Max weight
5, 3, 3, 3, 1

Time to attempt some heavy C&J. Be safe, keep good form, don’t curve your back over, and keep the good lumbar curve in your lower back, chest up. The first part of your Clean is the same as the deadlift, stay safe and overcome the fear to get under the weight after your initial pulls. Confidence in catching the weight is the hard part to get over.

C& J Instruction:

135# Clean and Jerk reps progressing on the min. (Death by C&J)

1-1st Min, 2-2nd Min, 3-3rd Min for as many minutes as possible.

Mikko Salo Death by C& J:

For those who need a little extra motivation for these heavy weeks and why we’re doing this, Here’s a video from the 2009 Crossfit Games Champion Mikko Salo, doing almost the same strength WOD and METCON.

A lot of the Games competitors are now doing this type of routine, Strength Bias type programming 3+ times a week intermingled with METCONs. (There hasn't been a games athlete yet that wished he was less strong)

If you have to scale down the weight, only drop to a weight that you can do and handle about 8-10 reps. Making it past the 10 min/10 rep should be rare. On the flip side, if you think you can easily handle the 135# past the 10 min/10 rep level, scale up. Remember reaching the 10 min mark will already be 55 reps. (caution on overestimating this workout)

After WOD practice Box jumps for height and Broad jumps for distance, do at least 5 attempts at each to continue to develop your explosive power.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:



4 rds + 4 reps

Probably should have scaled the METCON, but time was a factor so I kept the weight and went with fewer rounds.

*May have been a new PR for C&J. If not, it is a recent PR as my recent 1RM attempts have failed after 165lbs.

Ross said...


Heavy C&J:
5x135, 135, 3x 185, 195, 1x 205, 225 (8 nov PR), 235 (New PR)

Death by C&J RX'd 8 rds. Finished 8 reps just before min was up did not attempt the 9 rep round.

Jake78 said...

Congrats Ross! New PRs are something to be celebrated!!

I'm gonna hit this one in the afternoon.


rob said...

No heavy C&J for me yet. I did the WOD as a couplet with a light power clean and a DL.

PC @ 75lbs
DL @ 185lbs

I was one DL short of two rounds. I finished the 10th round (5 seconds over) and went right into an 11th round. I completed 11rds, but it took me about 1:45 to do so.

Well done Ross on your PR. Are any of your cadre or cadets doing these WODs?

Noah said...

C&Js were 5x115, 3x135, 3x145, 3x155, 1x175(f), 1x165.

C&J ladder started at 135 and made five minutes (barely), then stepped it down to 115 while resting for the round of 6, made the round of 7 at 115, rested the round of 8, then made 8 of 9 on the round of 9. Another smoker!

Stuck around and made a few broad jumps at 7'11" and a box jump up to 44". Not much left in the legs after the lifts.

Andy M. said...

C&J: 5 x 135, 3 x 155/175/185, 1 at 205 (stealth PR).

METCON: 7 rds, + 1 rep for good measure.

Good job on the PRs. I didn't realize mine was until I logged it. I have gone heavier on cleans, and on push jerk...but not together. I'll take it.

Jared said...

C&J 5x115,3x135, 3x145, 3x155, 1x175

Death by C&J:
Made it through 7 rounds at 135, did 8 in the 8th min at 115, then completed another 10 total in the 9th and 10th minutes. Total smoker.

Broad Jump to 8'5"
Box Jump stuck 48" and landed 51.5 but fell off.

Jake78 said...

My old PR 210 still stands.

Found it exhausting to do 16 heavy reps of C&J and then try to 1RM.

After 2 sets of 3 at 185 I my shoulders and hopping muscles were toast. Struggled to get 200 over head.

1x5 135
1x5 155
2x3 185
1x1 200 (failed miserably)
1x1 200 Jerk was terrible I got it through sheer force of will!

That plus the warm up took me an hour and I had to roll. Not doing the death by C&J I'm slow on those and can never get past 3 rounds.


Scott S said...

C&J topped out at 225#, did a 245# clean, but lost the jerk, still a clean PR, so I'm pumped! Felt like I had more in me for cleans, but a 15# gain On the PR since Apr, so stayed there, plus wasn't even close on the jerk. Thx to John M for the C&J help, will keep working on it.

Death by C&J 8rds & 7 reps into 9th, finished the last two well after time, just for spite, really wanted to make 10, someday...

Matt B. said...

Short warmup, then PVC C&J practice, then strength WOD.
5 @ 115
3 @ 125, 135, 145
1 @ 165(f), 165(f), 155

By default, established a C&J PR at 155# and a clean PR at 165#.

No time for the DBC&J, but tried my hand at max box jump. Don't know the measurements, but jumped and stuck a box as high as the top of my pelvis.

Congrats on all the PRs set, even those ones that sneak up on you Andy.