Nov 27, 2012

112812 Wednesday

Swim WOD - Harney Pool

Out of water - 2 rounds -10 Air squats, 10 crunches, 10 lunges, 10 push-ups
In water - Tread water for 2 min
10 x straight-arm chest stretch to clap

4 Rounds for time:
1 round = 3 full laps with exercises between.
50 Yards (25 Yards down and back) with kickboard (no use of Arms) –10 crunches
50 Yard with Pull-Buoy between knees (no use of legs) – 10 air squats
50 Yards freestyle - 10 hand release push-ups


Explanation = Swim the first lap (25 yards down AND back) with the kickboard, get out do 10 crunches (on towel if you prefer), get back in, swim second lap with pull-buoy between knees and no kicking, get out do 10 air squats, get back in swim lap anyway you can, get out do 10 hand release push-ups = 1 round. Repeat 3 more times.

Details = all out of pool exercises and equipment put at one end of the pool. We have 2 lanes specifically  reserved for IMCF from 0530-0730, and can use more if it’s not crowded. People can start on either side, use right side as traffic lanes, to make more heats available if we have a larger crowd.


Scott S said...

There are prizes and rewards for the best man-suit banana hammock worn while executing this WOD.

I want to hear from our friend near the beach about doing this in the ocean! don't be scared to send pics to prove it.

We'll be starting our warm-up around 0545ish, for anyone interested in joining. Rob and the CSMs are welcome to join in. I'll be trying to wear my 7 year old sons goggles as I can't seem to find mine, his barely fits, so they might work, we'll see.

Don't skip just cause your too lazy to bring swimwear, but be forewarned, Thurs will be heavy Clean & Jerk and Friday will be a team WOD with weights, so don't skip to lift, this is meant to be a day relief from weights so you can handle Thurs/Fri!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

ILO of swimming (no facilities), I did Monday's WOD...

Front Squat @ 145/165/185/195/205
Pull-ups @ 30/30/40/40/40

3:51 for METCON
Scaled thrusters to 60kgs

Scott S said...

WOD 21:00(ish) my end time was 23:20(ish), but got interupted by the Pool monitor to discuss IMCF taking over all the lanes, so I'm calling it 21.

The kickboard sucked more than anything, took forever.

Future we'll have to reduce how many lanes we use, and probably meet at specific times to make sure we're more synched as a 'group'. Not really a big deal, I spoke the Joan some more after I was done and they were just unprepared for such a large turn-out. I underestimated it as well, much larger turn-out than I had anticipated. Glad so many showed up!

Scott said...

18:14. Swim felt slow, it's been a long time. So glad we did a Pool WOD, I have been wanting to swim for long time. No I am motivated to do an Xterra in MARCH.

I messed up and did regular PU's, but did it in a 50M Pool, so I didn't get the benefit of kicking off the side after 25M.

Getting yelled at by Lifeguard should be one of the new "top ten gym rule violations" by CrossFitters. :)

Andy M. said...

27:50. That was horrible, but in a good way. Spent too long goofing off between laps and transitioning to the G exercises.

You know you're a sucky swimmer when you appreciate the air bubble in your bathing suit for the extra buoyancy it provides.

Noah said...

20:24 in the pool this AM. Chasing my officemate Jared who I am convinced is part soldier and part dolphin. Great WOD.

rob said...

I spent most of my time this morning trying to straighten out things with the Harney Gym manager. We had a large group show up and we overwhelmed the capacity of the pool. The bottom line is that we (IMCF) will continue to be good neighbors and stewards of Ft. Leavenworth facilities. We've built a solid reputation as a fitness group on post and we will do our best to continue that tradition.

Ms. Joan Hurst is the new manager for Gruber and Harney (both Scott and I spoke with her this morning). She replaced the retiring Ms. Helen Lochow last month, and she doesn't really know us as a group yet. We will do an outreach with her and give her an overview of the work we do for the Ft. Leavenworth community.

As Scott already mentioned, the next time we swim we'll do better to coordinate our efforts. That may include a 2 to 4 man buddy team, reserving the entire facility, and/or providing a window of time where we can do our WOD.

Welcome back to COL Batchelor, Director, Department of Tactics, CGSC. Prior to his deployment earlier this year he was a huge IMCF supporter. He knew the old group from the last ILE class but doesn't know you; take a moment to introduce yourself to him and invite him to do a WOD with your group.

I mention this because one of the goals of IMCF has been to help the Army's PT program evolve toward functional fitness. Right now we have three senior leaders (there maybe more) that are actively involved with us. It's a great opportunity to share our passion and knowledge with some folks who are in a position of influence.

Erik said...


No pool

5 rounds:
Body weight bench then max pull ups

Bench 205: 6, 5, 5, 4, 3
PU: 28, 25, 22, 20, 17

Total: 135

Ross said...


No pool times that I can make work with my visitor schedule today so I did some skill work. Focused on 36" BJ then doing then directly out of a seated position and then from the knees going straight to feet then jumping.

Also worked on DUs, Handstands and balance, finished skill work with some OHS squat, and snatches.

ROW 500m
Time: 9:03.

Jake78 said...

Swimming is always hard for me, I sink fast and am brutally inefficient.

Didn't time it, but I did complete it - mercifully!

Got to figure out the circle swimming concept - same lane going in a big circle. Helps keep big groups managable in da' pool.

Welcome back to COL Batchelor as well!!! Great to see him back!


Matt B. said...

Found my swim skivvies, but not my goggles. Did yesterday's WOD.

PP: 75-95-95-95-95
95 was good weight as the 5th rep on the last sets was either a fail, or more like a jerk.
10 second L-sits on parallettes, but with bent knees. Figured 90 hip flexion with bent knees is better than 130 degree hip flexion with straight legs.
All through METCON was thinking of the co-worker who commented a while ago to me, "Don't just do that CrossFit stuff, you gotta do some cardio too."
7rds + 9 KB + 6 burpees.
Scaled to 44# KB and 205# DL. Surprised the DL had the most impact on my huffing and puffing.

Scott said...

Swimming in a circle is easy Jake. Keep right except to pass--it's just like driving, although many have difficulty with this in the states. If everyone swims CCW and stays to the right, it works. I have seen 5-6 people in a lane at once and no issues.

Jared said...

Love the pool.

16:01 for the WOD as RX'd. Would offer a swim clinic for those that want to improve efficiency in the water. Can do something organized with prior pool coordination or something smaller in the morning.