Nov 25, 2012

112612 Monday

Welcome back after the short Thanksgiving break!

Time to incorporate into your warm-up an attempt at handstand push-ups. If you are not confident in going upside down for handstands, some good tips for developing the handstand push up on the video. Start getting upside down consistently during warm-ups to build your handstands.

Hand stand progress:

Strength WOD
Front Squat 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 building up for the last set to be at least @ approx. 70% of your 1RM Back Squat.
Weighted Pull-ups 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 building up for the last set to be your 3 RM Weighted Pull-up.

After the holiday break, remember to take plenty of warm-up/build-up sets. Remember to focus on going below 90 degrees, keeping the weight on your heels, good lumbar curve, chest up and weight on the front rack across your chest and shoulders.

During your build-up sets, practice your kipping pull-ups before your weighted pull-ups.

Front Squats:

Weighted Pull-up:

9, 6, 3 - reps for time
155/115# Thruster
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

This is a WOD for time, but ensure you do the pull-ups as Chest to Bar, not just chin over bar. This will slow you down, but if you have good kipping, it’ll help develop your pull for the Muscle-up. If you are still
developing your kipping pull-up, then position an adjustable bar so that you can do jumping pull-ups and get to chest level, or position a box under the bar so you can do the jumps. The key is to commit to CHEST to BAR, not be satisfied with just chin above bar to speed up your time.

Also if you have to scale down the weight for the Thrusters, don’t scale the weight too low to make it easy. Thrusters are supposed to be hard to do, and yes they are supposed to hurt your legs in a good way. Doing heavy Thrusters now is how you build up your ability to handle the weights on the Benchmark WODs.

Chest to bar Pull-ups:

Also, time to intro BEAST MODE – Do muscle-ups instead of Chest to Bar pull-ups.


Ed said...

Good day after the long weekend, lots of folks in the bubble this morning ... guilt?

HSPU: 1x set of 10 using ABMAT under my head, so missing 1.5" of ROM.

FS: 185-185-205-205-205
PU: 30-30-40-40-40

WOD in 6:08
Thruster @115
MU for round of 9 and 6 (really 5 before failing)
CTB PU for the last round.

Scott S said...

Noticed that too, big crowd after the holidays.

FS: 185, 225, 245, 255, 275 x 1 (f) just didn't feel it.
PLU: 30-30-30-30-30

METCON RXed 5:23
Wasn't feeling like even attempting the MU.
I did a similar workout in Khandahar in March at Khandahar xfit. Same number sequence 9,6,3 but was 165# Thrusters and MU. Took me 24 minutes and change, to get through the MU. Had to take massive breaks.

Interested to hear from Rob on how it went with the CSM, and if he'll stick with it for even a week

WARNORD - Swim WOD on Wed. Reserving 2 lanes from 545-700. Prep your goggles if you have them. Rest of the WODs will be heavy.

Jason McKenzie said...

Wow, my shoulders are screaming at me!

HSPU 2 sets of 5

FS: 135-155-165-165- (185x1)then back to 165
Weighted Pull-ups: 50-50-60-60-60

WOD: 5:11 with 115lb on thruster.

If you did 155lb, good on ya.

Andy M. said...

FS: 165-185-205-215-205
PU: 3x5 at +50

METCON: 11:34 at 135 with MUs. Lost a little bit of the METCON flavor fighting through the heavy thrusters...form was iffy on quite a few reps.

Ross said...


Was rushed this morning after Cadet PT so I skipped the HSPU work, no excuse, will hit them later today at home.

FS: 185, 225, 245, 275, 295
Weighted PU: 45, 55, 55, 70, 80(F - on third rep, came off the bar for a count then did the third rep).

METCON: 3:09 as RX'd - not my best performance, goal was 2:30 but missed it.
Was hurting this morning after running for PT and all the food I ate over Turkey Day, lost control of my breathing early in this. I was worried about Chest to Bar Pull-ups but did those unbroken today way to go to those who manned / womanned up and did MUs!!! Did first set of thrusters unbroken but then had to break the 6 into sets of 3 that really slowed me down and took me out of it mentally.

Wade said...


FS: 135-185-225-245-265
PU: 45x3, 55x3, 90x1

WOD Rx - 2:00
Those were some heavy thrusters. Great job doing MU's, Ed!

Charles Day said...

Couldn't hang with the 155lbs!
Completed the WOD in 4:48 at 135 lbs...feeling it on the last set had a tough time driving through the heels and producing power through the core. Thanks for the push Greg and Noah!

On a testimonial note: The family and I went skiing with some high school friends out at Arapaho Basin over the weekend putting the hopper to the test. The legs feel great with no issues; while most of the buddies couldn't hang after a few runs and couldn't move the next day! THANKS CrossFit!

Noah said...

Worked FS from 115 thru 175.
Weighted pullups with only 20# (weak sauce). Added a few deadlift and snatch hi pull sets afterwards.

Did a METCON with the A910 class today of 10 min AMRAP: 15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 situps.

Erik said...


FS: 5x135, 5x185, 3x225, 3x245, 2x265

WOD Rx - 3:41

Weighted PU: 20x5, 45x3, 45x3

Laura Declouetsmith said...

Team, another good workout.

Jasmine and I did not master the weight but instead focused on the proper technique. We still felt it and worked up a sweat.

Very large crowd this morning

Matt B. said...

Going to try the warmup routine from a CFJ article, "The Russian's Gymnastics Warm-up" by Leo Soubbotine. Timed well with today's HSPU, as the "day 1" warmup included HSPU, frog stands, pistols and hip extension.

Spent lots of time with PVC and 45# on FS technique. Question: Should upper arms be pretty much parallel to each other? I struggle to have any "shelf" to lay the bar, however when I brought the upper arms more parallel to each other (vice pointing out 20-40 degrees), and externally rotated the shoulders to keep my 2 fingers on the bar, a shelf magically appeared.

Did the main set with Back Squat:
135-135-185-185, then FS 95
PU: 35-35-55-55-35

METCON at 3:30 with 95# Thrusters. Found lots of power in the pullups from strong open/close of the shoulder. Meant to start off with MU, but someone else hopped on the rings first.

rob said...

FS 185, 205, 225, 225, 225
No weighted pull ups yet

KB Thruster R-army only 53lbs
25 x DU

CSM Greca and CSM Parson will be in the bubble at least through Wednesday. I'm hoping after their TDY they will come back next week. Both are interested in learning functional fitness becasue of what they have seen in the field i.e. the capacity of Soldiers who do CrossFit. I'm hoping to get them to the on-ramp class on 1 Dec. Also, it would go a long way for any of you to meet and interact with these two. I'd like for them to feel the 'community' aspect of CF becasue that is powerful. Both have capacity to 'get things done' here on post and can be helpful to IMCF and helping make functional fitness more mainstream in the Army.

Scott S said...


Sounds good. Hope that he sticks with it and understands it's a full program and not just something to sprinkle on 2-3 times a week.

I take it they won't be around for friday? Have to convince them to come for a team WOD in the future.

Matt B. I'm not really tracking with your description, but if you're having difficulty keeping the weight on the 'front rack' (across your chest/shoulders NOT held by your arms/grip). Try to get into position under the bar while it is still on the actual rack, and widen your grip outside your shoulder, getting your upper chest/base of your neck as close to the bar as possible, then roll your elbows up as high as you can while barely gripping the bar with your fingertips. This will help you gain the flexibility to balance the bar for the front squat.

My group meets at 0545-0700, usually about 4-6 of us. Feel free to join in or make contact if you want to work on it.

I'm the white 5'9" 180# military looking guy in civilian PTs.....oh wait, that doesn't really narrow it down!

monroe said...

Matt, you have the right idea for proper rack establishment. Grip just outside of shoulders, elbows pointed straight ahead.
I did:
Snatch 125x3x2, 135x2, 140x2, 150x1
Snatch pull 150x3x3
Front squat 155x3, 170x3, 155x3
Tonight I'll get on a mini metcon of burpees, DU's, situps.

Greg E said...

Good way to get into the week...
FS 134, 155, 185, 205, 205

METCON RX'd @ 4:25

Then A910 elective AMRAP = 8 RNDs plus 3 squats
10 mins of 15 AS, 15 PUs, and 15 SUs

Then today METCON again with Charlie @ 135 = 3:15

Hope every had a great turkey day!

Ted Hanger said...

FS 155, 175, 185, 195, 205

No weighted pull-ups, had to cut the workout short.

METCON at 135# in 3:58. Probably should have used 145# in hind site, but 155# would have been too heavy for me today. Did the main site WOD yesterday.

Worked out with Rob Mendez today who did a great job with his front squats. Keep up the good work opening and closing the shoulders on your pullups!