Nov 22, 2012

112312 Friday

2 person Team WOD
10 rounds – Bar Hold and pacing work (2 x Farmers carry, Box Jumps, Ball Slams).

75/55# bar hold – Must be off the ground. Move the bar through all positions back and forth, from the top of DL, clean to the Front Rack, push-press to the top of Press/jerk, then lower onto your back and then return to top of press, front rack, DL. Position must change every 15 seconds.

Every time the bar hits the ground you must do 3 Burpees, including when you change out.

Pacing work;

Farmers carry 50-60# dumbbells or kettlebells from bar area to other side of gym.
5 x Box jump overs (20 in boxes for all, jump on the box and go over, or jump over box to other side)
Farmers carry 50-60# dumbbells or kettlebells from box jump area back.
5 x Ball slams 20/14# medballs.

Switch with partner. Repeat 9 more times.

Explanation – Partner 1 picks up bar (changes the hold positions every 15 seconds), partner 2 does 3 Burpees then starts Farmer carry to boxes, does box jump overs, Farmer carry back, do Ball Slams, relieve bar-holding partner 1. Partner 1 does 3 burpees then pacing work.


Scott S said...

Small group, just Ben, John, Ed, Jasmine, Laura and I for the team WOD. Worked out good for even numbers though.

Scaled the weight up to 95 for the bar holds. Doable, painful, but doable. Was easy until about round 4-5, then it really sucked, but in a good way!

Think our time was around 30 minutes. Averaged pretty much 1:10-1:20 per round for pacing work, so one full bar hold cycle and back to top of press is where Ben and I changed out, mostly...I think I shorted him a few times...sorry Ben.

Likely do it again with the normal crew after the holiday, think we could support 8-10 teams as we were dispersed enough not to bottleneck anywhere.

Thanks to Ben for the help getting the place set up and doing the trial run. Chopping a christmas tree and setting up decorations, pretty sore, so that'll be my active rest for the weekend. Hope some people who traveled gave the Wed-Fri WODs a try. See you on Mon.

Ed said...

small group this morning, but good work. Paired with John who started with a super-beast mode 135 lbs on the bar, I went with 95. Finished in 32:47.

A couple notes, make sure you use the rubber med balls for slams, the dynamax balls will start to split at the seams. Second, don't drop kb on the concrete, scratches the kbs and chips the concrete.

Enjoy the day off!

Sadr City King said...

I think this would be great next week to conduct when everyone is in town. Cant wai't.


Laura Declouetsmith said...