Nov 21, 2012

112212 Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for ???

A WOD!!!

Prep for Turkey day, justify the gluttony!

Strength WOD w/o weights
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps for time.
Hand release Push-ups
Jumping Lunges (1 count)

Explanation – Do 10 Hand release push-ups, then 10 jumping lunges, then 9 Push-ups, 9 lunges...down to 1.

Hand release pushups -

Jumping lunges -

Then the killer...


Tabata Bottom to bottom air squats and 1 mile run.

Do squats for 20 seconds rest for 10 seconds, but for bottom
to bottom, you have to hold the squat at the bottom for your 10-second rest. On
the 8th set of the Tabata squats hold the 10-second squat ‘rest’
then immediately go into the mile run.

There will be a group meeting at the track on post at 0630
to do this pre-Thanksgiving WOD.

Don’t skip it, this will prevent you from getting up and down
too many times for dessert. You’ll thank me later...


Ed said...

Scott - good WOD this morning.

Didn't time the PU/Lunges, but finished with the group.

Tabata was pretty much my favorite thing today, lowest score was 14.

1-mile in around 6:30, that first lap was a bit of a challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scott S said...

Good group this morning. Hope everyone has a good holiday!

In a sick way I agree with you Ed, the Tabata rest was awesome in that way that only those who have gone through it can understand. My run continues to suck, gotta get that back.

See the group tomorrow at 630 for the team WOD. It'll be a 2 person team.

Scott S said...

Good group this morning. Enjoyed it, even in the wind.

Good pace for the PU/Lunges, steady, stuck with Ben for pace.

In a sick way I agree with you Ed. The bottom to bottom Tabata is awesome in way that only those who have done it can attest to.

Still too slow on the run. Will get it back.

Have a good holiday. Look forward to the team WOD tomorrow morning, 0630, 2 person teams.

Mike Anderson said...

All four members of Team Anderson made it to the track at about 0730.
It was a good WOD - the first 200m of the run was a special kind of suck until the blood got flowing again.

Happy Thanksgiving - turkey is paleo; eat up!

Mike Anderson said...

Ed - I just saw your mile time. 6:30 after those squats and in that wind is amazing. Nice job. You earned an extra turkey leg.

Todd Polk said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Did a Team WOD with family and friends at the house:

A 5 by 2 (5 exercises; 2 rounds) circuit for time:
-400m Run (pacing exercise)
-Push press (65/45 lbs)
-Abmat Situps
-Wall Ball Shots 10' target (20/14 lbs ball)
-Kettle Bell Swings (44/24 lbs bell)

Took us 20:13; real smoker for all (we could have counted reps individually, but too distracted by the smell of turkey in the air).

Then 10 min of 5 reps on the minute 95 lbs Overhead press.

Time to eat some turkey and sip some happy juice, along with some Paleo stuffing (walnuts instead of bread--it takes awesome).

Andy M. said...

Paleo stuffing? Heresy! Stayed close to home with the kids for the Turkey Day WOD.

HRPs/Lunges: 3:06ish
Tabata Squats: 17, into
7 min max DU: hit 50, then fatigue set in and couldn't string 'em. added 360-ish singles.

I missed the bottom squats. Will save that pain for the next time. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Laura Declouetsmith said...

Awesome turkey workout.