Nov 20, 2012

112112 Wednesday

Warm-up/skill development:

5 x 3 each arm 35# Kettlebell/dumbbell Turkish get-ups.
5 x 3 each arm kettlebell/dumbbell snatches


6 rounds
Burpee Broad jumps for 25 meters
10 abmat (rolled up towel alternate) sit-ups
Bear crawl back 25 meters
10 crunches

If you do this in the gym, after the WOD do some light Deadlifts.

10, 15, 20 @ 50% of your 1 RM from CF total from 2 weeks ago.

Couple with GHD Sit-ups.

This is meant to be a WOD for volume, but does not mean do the reps fast. Take your time, make sure the reps are still in good form. Weight on your heels, chest up, good lumbar curve, use your legs not your lower
back to raise the weight off the floor. Think hip extension and keep your chest up. Do continuous reps, but do good reps.


Scott S said...

Just a reminder, will have a group starting around 0600

rob said...

In the spirit of Scott's post earlier tonight, I usually start the WOD around 0540hrs.

I posted the note below late in the day on Tuesday but re-posted because I wanted all to see it.

All - I just got the e-mail below from an IMCF athlete who graduated ILE a while back. We get these type of e-mail from time to time and I wanted to share with you...BTW - I forwarded him the requested study.


Update from the field...

After attending IMCF Level One and Olympic Lifting clinics while at ILE, I'm proud to say that I'm sharing all the goodness I learned with my team here at Hickam AFB, HI. As a measure of our success, the unit's average APFT score has improved from 240 to over 280 since CF training began a year ago.

The reason I'm writing is that I remember reading a study that some MAJs at Leavenworth did (back in 2009-2010) that tracked APFT metrics after introducing CF. Do either of you happen to know the study Im referring to? I have some Air Force brethren here that are trying to write a justification IOT purchase some equipment and I thought that study may prove beneficial.

Appreciate the assist!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Time constraints this morning allowed for only two rounds of the skill practice.

In light of volume and strength training...

100x reps of deadlift @ 225lbs for time: 19:22

Scott S said...

Great group this morning, joining in with Ben, Brian and Matt.
Turkish Get-ups started wearing me out more than expected.
Think I finished the WOD around 14 flat according to my group. About 30% of my Bear crawls were good galloping sprints, the rest were a slow drag staring at the ground cursing the WOD programmer....

DL at 175 for the volume. Felt good.

Reminder, will have a small group at the track tomorrow at 0630.

Noah said...

Get ups at 35# and 30#. Not sure why but I allowed Elizabeth to convince me to do the metcon with a 20# weight vest...19:42.

Added the DLs at 155 afterwards but elected to hold off on the GHDs.

Wade said...


Metcon - 7:34. Great push by Erik as usual. We both finished at the same time. But, judging by the other times posted, we must have been off on our distance measurements.

Skill work with KBs was good, as was the DL "cooldown", which was 10x135, 10x185, 10x215, 21x215

rob said...

I teamed up with Jasmine and Laura this morning who did a great job. They have been regular for more than a month and progressing nicely. We must have had over 10 people at one time doing the WOD so there was a need to 'check you lane' to make sure you didn't have a head-on. It's motivating to look across the bubble and see a large number of people engaging in worthwhile fitness activity.

My sub today was lunges for the bear crawl. I might have been able to do the bear crawl, but I'm being conservative with the rehab.


Erik said...


KB turkish, 30# 5x3
KB Snatch, 30# 5x3

Metcon - 7:34

DL: 10x135, 10x185, 10x215

monroe said...

I did:
Halting clean DL + mid-hang clean, 135x2x5
Clean DL 195x5x3
Snatch Balance 115x2x3
Jerk 155x2x5

Later today plan to get out and do some grass drills, tumbling, bear crawls etc.

Ross said...


Went in late today,
Did the TGU and KB Snatches at 40lbs.

METCON: 8:50 felt slow needed someone to push me today..
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.. Hope you all have a good long weekend.

Andy M. said...

Got in a late one today. Muscle up skill work to loosen up then:

Snatch: 5x3 @ 135 with a few misses.

DL: 10/15/20 @ 185, paired with GHD SU.