Nov 19, 2012

112012 Tuesday

Strength WOD

5 x 3 Split Jerks.

Warm-up/build-up with plenty of Strict Presses and Push Presses.

Do the 5 x 3 Split Jerks at 90-100% of your STRICT Press 1RM from the CF Total 2 weeks ago.

This will be significantly less than what you can Split Jerk max, but focus on generating the power and momentum to dip, drive the weight up, push yourself below the bar in a split stance, lock out bearing the weight above head, AND THEN stand up fully erect controlling the weight.

Couple the presses with either a rope climb or the following
grip developer (or both) between sets.

10 second Muscle-up False-grip L holds (grip the rings in
the false grip, hold your legs in an L hanging below the rings). Same grip
developing exercise as last week.



20 min AMRAP
3 x 115# Push Press
6 x Toes to Bar
9 x Ring Push-ups (shoulder to ring to full extension)
200-meter run

This is meant to be a fast WOD with plenty of rounds. Attempt to complete all exercises without breaks. Focus on not taking breaks before or during exercises; try to use the sprints to recover your breathing.
Also commit to only 3-5 deep breaths between exercises if you have to take a break.

If the rings don’t reach to around 6 inches from the floor, then put your feet on a box and level the rings to the same height as the box.


Scott S said...

Alright, this is my attempt to get better at consistently posting on the blog. Congrats to all the Level 1 grads, I have not had a journal subscription in sometime due to deployment OPTEMPO, but agree with Rob's e-mail about getting into and keeping up with it. L1 really gets you prepared to start your journey of study and knowing how to learn Crossfit and build your base for teaching.

I will be doing WODs Wed-Fri during Thxgiving. I started a sign-up on the white board just to see who might want to join in. I know Ben wants to meet and early is better for both of us. I like to get the work done before the whole family is up. Anyone else interested please join in. Thurs gym is closed, but we'll be meeting at the track.

Appreciate the feedback from the morning crews.

rob said...
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rob said...

Scott - great programming this month; thanks. I should be good for WODs over the break. I'll check out the sheet tomorrow.

I was really proud of our box and our athletes this weekend as I watched the L1 course. I wasn't the only one as four of us split time at the bubble this weekend; Mark, Ed, and Meg. We've got a great situation with the facilities, support from MWR, and CGSC support.

If you feel the same way, make an ICE comment (*DoDP). Mention that you are part of IMCF because these these comments get read daily and go a long way to enhance our position on Ft. Leavenworth.

Meghan Smith said...

Congrats to the L1 folks...hope all of you get great news on the test results.

Rx Jump Ropes should be in this week...STILL waiting to hear the shipping cost to let you know what your personal totals are. I'll be asking for cash or check before passing on your rope.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Strict Press
12-10-8-8-6 @ 65/75/95/95/105

Split Jerk 5x3 @ 60kg (~133lb)


8rds for METCON
scaled to 105lbs and subbed bar dips ILO ring push-ups.

Jake78 said...

I appreciate the strength emphasis this month. I do have some criticism though.

Strength aspect should not be a side show as it appears to be the last couple of work outs. What I mean by that is the strength part shouldn't be another work out to do with the main one, it should be seemlessly integrated into the main work. Heavier versions of traditional work based on percent of 1RM. Just a comment, but I'm enjoying the work!

8 rounds on the METCON, had just done push jerks on Friday so I passed on them this morning.


Charles Day said...

Had a good warm up working on strict press and push press form. 5x3 split jerks @ 135kbs. Thanks for the great coaching and help with the jerk Ted!

Scaled the AMRAP to 15 min due to being short on time; completed 6 rounds.

Thanks Rob, Mark, Meg and all who helped for the support this weekend, what a great experience the level 1 was.

Robert Parmenter said...

Split jerks: 185# across for all 5 sets.
Failed on the last rep of sets 4 & 5. pushed hard, shoulders were smoked at the end.
Did not have much grip left, so had to skip the grip exercise.
Did 5 rounds plus 3 presses for the METCON WOD, caled down to normal pushups, and K2E on the last 2 sets, due to grip issues.

rob said...

Split jerk work was with PVC only. I might have been able to use a bar but with the shoulder work with yesterday's HPC I opted to stay with PVC.

20min AMRAP
3 x KB press R-arm only 53lbs
6 x V-sit ups
9 lateral box jump
250m row
8rds + (I just started the row when time was called)

Ross said...


Congrats to all the new Level 1s!!!

I would like to say, I have really been enjoying the programming this month. I do like the focus on strength with still keeping a good METCON (hey I am fat kid, i need the work). I think if people wanted more a strength focused WOD they could always up the METCON weights.

That said I was a little extra motivated today.
Good warm up with Press, Push Press, Jerk and Split Jerk building up to my weight.
Split Jerk: 5x3 @ 185#
Hanging L-Sits 5x15 sec.

METCON: @115# - 10 rds + 3PP, 6 TTB and 9 PUs.

Then the extra motivation kicked in. 3 sets of 10 OHS at 115#, Split Snatch 6x3@115# with 3X5 then 3x3 of Pull-ups with +45 in between, finished off with two sets of 15 kipping pullups.

All in all a good day.

Wade said...


Split Jerks at 115lbs

Metcon Rx: 11-3/4 rounds

rob said...

Wade, Ross, Scott - we appreciate the comments you guys cosistently send us. It's good to know that IMCF has outposts across the world.

monroe said...

Use the sprints to recover your breathing? C'mon Scott!

This is a good time to get in touch with your internal metronome. Do the exercises accurately, keep a consistent effort, and push to maintain a level of discomfort, psychological and physical.

Erik said...


Split Jerks at 115lbs

Metcon Rx: 11-3/4 rounds

Jason McKenzie said...

Back at full speed with my forearm!

95 then 130 x 4 on Split Jerks

I did at least 8rds. Felt like more, but lost count. (from KY so don't judge me)

Going to Meg's class tomorrow and Friday with my wife so pray for me.

Scott S said...

Ok, ok, the idea of recovering your breathing during sprints...does sounds alittle weird. You got me on that sir. Was trying to push the mindset of not taking a specific breather between any exercises, just to mentally think 'I can go anaerobic on the exercises, and the sprints will be where I can control the breathing'

Anyway, appreciate the comment Jake, I normally agree with you and when deployed doing the 3:1 I do Strength by itself. This is part of the concept from the Strength Bias/Strong Medicine journal and subsequent discussions that happened in CF a few years ago. It advocated for a 'cycle' of strength development, while still doing WODs. That way you are not losing the METCON that has been hard to acheive and developing focused strength at the same time. Hear you on individuals pushing more weight for self-improvement though.

Split - 5 x 3 @ 155 - felt good.
10 sec holds between.

9 rounds complete within 10-15 seconds over 20 min. Guilty of slow sprints for the last 3.

Thanks all for comments and support.

Will be in the bubble sametime Wed. At track 0630 on Thurs and around 0600/0630 on Friday for team WOD.

Chuck Anderson said...

Can I get a couple L1s to teach the dead lift to CALL on 27 NOV at 0640?

Chuck Anderson said...

If you are willing, send me an email.

Andy M. said...

Split Jerk: 5x3 at 135. Need to clean up my landing position before pushing heavy weight again. A few rope climbs in between.

METCON (Rx): 8 rds + 3/6/9.

Greg E said...

Good WOD today.

5x3 split jerk: 135, 155, 165

RX'ed the METCON @ 8 Rnds + 1 Ring Push-up... I was guilty of running slow on a few rounds but finished strong.

rob said...

All - I just got the e-mail below from an IMCF athlete who graduated ILE a while back. We get these type of e-mail from time to time and I wanted to share with you...BTW - I forwarded him the requested study.


Update from the field...

After attending IMCF Level One and Olympic Lifting clinics while at ILE, I'm proud to say that I'm sharing all the goodness I learned with my team here at Hickam AFB, HI. As a measure of our success, the unit's average APFT score has improved from 240 to over 280 since CF training began a year ago.

The reason I'm writing is that I remember reading a study that some MAJs at Leavenworth did (back in 2009-2010) that tracked APFT metrics after introducing CF. Do either of you happen to know the study Im referring to? I have some Air Force brethren here that are trying to write a justification IOT purchase some equipment and I thought that study may prove beneficial.

Appreciate the assist!


Noah said...

Worked the split jerks at 115 and 135.

METCON was 7 rds complete, chasing Jared most of the time and then he lapped me! Still chasing him after that.