Nov 15, 2012

111612 Friday

Team WOD Cumulative Row - 5000 meters if 2 person team, 6000 meters if 3 person team; (7000 meters if 4 person team).

Should be about 25-35 minutes of work depending on how hard the rowers can keep pace (sub 2:00/500meter) and how large the group is. Set the rowers to count down the cumulative meters.

If there is a large group, make more 3 person teams. (Fourth person option at the bottom). Size of teams depends on how many people show up and how many working rowers can be lined up.

Team of 2 (5000 meters) = 1 person rows until the partner relieves him.

The other has to complete Pacing work = 5 x Burpee Pull-ups, 10 x Box Jump, 15 x Wall Ball (20/14), and 20 Double Unders (or 60 singles) then switch.

ie; row - pacing work - row - pacing work - repeat...

Team of 3 (6000 meter) = 1 person rows until partner relieves him.

Second does Pacing work = 5 x Burpee Pull-ups, 10 x Box Jumps, 15 x Wall Ball (20/14) then moves to Jump rope.

Third does single jump roping until relieved, then moves to Rower. (jump until the Pacing work is complete)

ie; row - pacing work - jump rope- row - pacing work - jump rope - repeat...

Teams should gather their equipment near one Erg Rower to make it easy to switch back and forth. Suggest pulling out the good rowers to make lanes, placing the boxes in the open space toward the wall and then Wall balls then leaving room for the jump rope. That way you have a ‘lane’ that you go down with your team, kind of a triangle. From pull-up bars to box to wall to jump rope to rower to pull-up bar.

FF to 1:17ish to see the Brp Plu, slower pace, but she does 100.

This guy gets a little out of control, but shows that you can do this fast, 5 BrpPlu in 10 seconds.

The pacing should work out to around 2 minutes per station. You’ll do a few more rounds with 3 person team, but you get to just jump rope between the pacing round and the rower round.

If there’s enough people make 3 or 4 person teams for all.

If there’s more people than can fit on the working rowers, you’ll have to make heats (or go to the 4 person option below) and have counters to help out.

The option for a 4 person team comes in. Add a fourth station by making a plank hold after the jump rope.

So the rotation would be: row – pacing work – jump rope – plank - row - pacing work - jump rope - plank - repeat.... Make the team row for 7000.


Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, reporting from Naval Station Great Lakes...

No one I could talk into as a partner for this morning Team WOD but did find another PMS that wanted to run so Went for a 3 or so mile job on the beach this morning.. Easy pace, did pull-ups on the beach..

Mike Anderson said...

Awesome WOD this morning. It was a good group and a good workout.
Team Anderson finished in 28:17

rob said...

Great Team WOD this morning. There was nowhere to take a 'rest' without feeling like you were cheating your team.

Team Meg, John, and Rob

My only sub was R-arm push press 35lbs for the burpee pull ups. A very poor sub but the trade off was that I had more row and DU time.

Thanks to Scott for the great workout.

Andy M. said...

Missed the AM session, and had to squeeze in a variation at lunch.

15:23 for 3 rds of:
500m row
5 x BPUs / 10 x BJ / 15 x WB / 20 DU

I am miserable at rowing repeats, and even more so when there are other exercises involved (FGB?). So this was a good one, regret not doing the full monty.

Erik said...


Team: Wade and Erik

Row time 5000m: 21:07

3 rounds each of the pacing work (burpee pull ups, box jumps, wall balls and double unders). Plus 3 rounds each for rowing.