Nov 14, 2012

111512 Thursday

Strength Development – FSQT 5 x 5 coupled with 5 x 5 Weighted Pull-ups.

Do the build-up for the front squat. You’ll want to do approximately 60% of your backsquat 1RM from last week. This is a time to focus on form, weight on your heels, good lumbar curve, knees going out over your feet, chest up, bar across chest and shoulders – NOT being held by your grip and arms, then think hip opening to stand up. Check ego and don’t worry about heavy weight, worry more about form, and getting into the right position and being stable at the bottom with weight. Between sets, do a lighter weight for the weighted pull-ups, about 50-60% of your 3RM from last week. If you don’t have weighted pull-ups yet, work on your kipping, and jump to the top, then do negatives back down, slowly.

You should have at least 3 weighted build-up sets before starting your 5 x 5's.

This should take you 30-40 minutes.

3 Rounds for Time
5 x 95/65# Thruster
10 x GHD S/U (ABMAT for scaling)
15 x 53/35# Kettlebell swings

Try to go all the way back, slowly, on your GHD sit-ups, to get the full effect of the GHD sit-up. The WOD has a good pace, but take time to do the GHD S/U right. The METCON is supposed to be less intense than the Front squats and weighted pull-ups. So don't slack on the Strength to save up for the METCON. The METCON is purposely planned so that it is not as taxing on your system, but you get your heart rate up and recruit most of your muscular systems to accomplish the WOD. PUSH the weight on the FSQT and Pull-ups!

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scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

FS - 153/163/163/173/173
PU - +40lbs across


5:29 w/ 55lb DB and ABMAT for METCON

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, @ Naval Station Great Lakes this week

FS: 5x5 @225
Weighted PU: 5x5 (+45lbs)

Subbed ABMAT Situps and used a 55lbs Dumbbell for the KB
Time 4:05

Noah said...

IMCF Fort Hood Detachment...FS at 135 thru 155. Weighted pullups at 30# and 4:48 for the METCON using a 55# dumbbell.

Andy M. said...

FS: 5 x 135/155/175/195/205
PU: 5x5 +45lbs

Omitted the thrusters on the METCON, used a 70lb KB, and forgot to keep time.