Nov 12, 2012

111312 Tuesday

Strength Development – Strict Press 3 x 3 at approx. 60% of your Strict Press max. Then move on to the Push Press. This is where you add the 'dip' (bend your knees and crease your hips, to explode up) and 'drive' the weight up. Push Press 3 x 3 at approx. 75% of your Strict Press max.

Couple the Presses with 10 sec L sit holds on rings with a false grip. Grip the rings in a muscle-up false grip, (wrists over the bar, arms flexed to hold your weight) This will develop your muscle up grip strength. Hold for 10 secs as part of your break between sets.

This should take approx. 30 minutes to get through the presses. The move to the METCON.

15 min AMRAP
5 x Toes to Bar (alternate Knees to Elbows)
10 x Air squats
5 x Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 x Wall Ball (20/14)

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Meghan Smith said...

Last chance for Rx Ropes order--being submitted Tuesday evening. There's a sign up sheet on the white board in the Bubble. Handle color, cable color, cable weight, and cable length needed. We are close to enough for the 15% discount. Check a few days back here on the blog for details about weight if you aren't sure. Not going to the Bubble? Email me at with your specifics and I'll get you in.

Rich M. said...

Confirm these are Lsits, thus on top of the rings vs. L pull-ups holding a false grip below the rings?

Scott S said...

They would be holding the false grip with your body below the rings. Different than traditional 'L-sits' for Crossfit on the parallette bars. The L-sit part is not the focus, more on the developing your ability to bear weight on your false grip for developing muscle-ups. The 'L' in your hanging from the rings is just an added bonus!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press 3x3 @ 85/95/105
Push-Press 3x3 @ 115/125/135

Each started ~ 60% and 75% 1RM of strict press respectively


8rds + 5 CTB

Ed said...

Press: 3x3 at 80 lbs.
PP: 3x5 at 100 lbs.

METCON: 8 rounds + (5 TTB + 10 AS + 5 CTB)

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, reporting from Naval Station Great Lakes this week.

Press 3x3 @135# did 15 Sec L sits in Dip Position between sets
Push Press 3x3 @ 155,175, 185 did 15 sec L-Sits in the hanging False Grip between sets

10 rds+ 5TTB, 10 AS and 2 CTB Pull ups.

rob said...

Modified WOD today
15min AMRAP
5 x v-sit ups
10 x air squats
5 x inclined push ups
10 x wall ball shots 20lbs
11rds + 5 x sit ups

Wade said...


Was 2-wall balls short of 10 rounds.

Noah said...

Made this up on Wed. 75 for the press, 95 for the push press. 8 rds on the METCON. Sluggish from the start. Four days off, TDY, out of my routine, not eating right, working out alone...all weak excuses I know. But after the first round I could tell my intensity was just not gonna be there.