Nov 11, 2012

111212 Monday

Veteran's Day - HERO WOD "Lumpy"
In honor of Seattle Police Officer Tim "Lumpy" Brenton. 
End of Watch: October 31, 2009

3 rounds
Row 250 meters
6 Power Cleans
6 Thrusters
9 Deadlifts</x>
9 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
The weight is 135/95 for each the barbell movements.

The story behind the workout:
The 3 rounds represent his wife and two children.
The 6-6-9-9 rep scheme reflects his badge number, which the family now has tattooed on their forearms.
The rowing came from our favorite quote of Tim's: "I like rowing, but Crossfit rowing is like there's a shark chasing you."


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Swore I saw a different WOD last night...

5x3 @ 262/262/292/292/312
(metric and english plates combined)

14:49 for "Lumpy"
Subbed 200m run ILO row
Scaled to 115lbs across

Don't usually do two maximal efforts in one day. Swore I saw a different WOD last night that motivated me for Deadlifts this AM.

Ross said...


RX- 13:38, hurting this morning, good workout. Hope you all had a good weekend, a great Veterans Day, wished the Marines a Happy Birthday and enjoy a day off today.

Erik said...


Lumpy: substitute 40 reps of 55# machine row for the 250 M row.


SDHP were heavy, for me.

Ed said...

Scott, I adjusted the WOD after it posted for veteran's day, hope you enjoyed the DL.

Todd Polk said...

God Bless "Lumpy" thought of you and so many others' sacrifice the whole time!

12:01 -Had to sub the Thrusters at 95lbs due to wrist pain, but rest RX'ed. SDHP, hurt just as much.

Great Hero WOD, good pick!

Russ Ames said...

14:05 on Wed 11/13.