Nov 8, 2012

110912 Friday

Weighted Pull-ups: Max weight 3 x 3 rep
Weighted Dip: Max weight 3 x 3 rep

Today will be a measurement of your pull-up and dip strength.

Warm-up with some kipping practice. If you don't have kipping pull-ups, focus on the development techniques in the video. Remember during WODs with kipping pull-ups its better to do them with some assists, off a box or with a band to keep the intensity and mimic the technique over just doing static and burning out quickly.

After warming-up.

Load up some weight, as the video shows plenty of ways to do pulls with weight.

Try to get a 1 or 3 RM. Do a few build-up sets, take breaks then max out.

Next do the same with weighted dips. Same concept. If you can do them on the rings, do them on rings, if not, do them on the static bars. Get your 1 or 3 RM with weight.

Take about 40 min to find your max weight pull-ups and dips. Take breaks, help others in your group load up weight. You should easily do 10-15 sets of each to get comfortable with the weights and finding your maxes.

After that, play with some box jumps for height. Take your time and build up, keep upping the heights and practice. If you just can't find the confidence to jump on that next high box, have your partner hold some PVC for you at the height and try to jump over it, less danger if you miss.


Meghan Smith said...

Rx Jump Ropes order list is posted on the white board. Please get your info on there tomorrow. I'd like to place the order Tues COB.

Holiday hours were posted for Friday 0500-1700 and Monday 0800-1800.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10x10 @ 65lbs (~1min rest)

With IBA (~18lbs)
Weighted Pull-ups: +40lbs for 3RM
Weighted Bar Dips: +40lbs for 3RM

Stopped the dips at 40lbs when the pinch in my shouder became pronounced. Not excruciating pain, but noticible discomfort. Age and ignoring my mobility work are catching up to me!

Erik said...


Pull Ups:
45lbs x 3
55lbs x 3
55lbs x 3

80lbs x 3
90lbs x 3
105lbs x 2

Ross said...


Pullups worked up to and did 3x3 with 75#. Then went further and did 3 sets of 1 Rep with 90#.

Dips worked up to and did 3x3 with 90# then afterwards worked up to 115# for 3 sets of 1 Rep.

BJs: Biggest Box in the gym I was at today was 36 inch. Worked ten reps going from knees swinging upto my feet then straight / no pause into the 36in BJ. Then worked 20 reps of just 36 in BJs. Afterwards did 10 reps each leg of single leg jumps to a measly 20 inches. First time ever attempting a single leg BJ so probably some room for moving up there once I get used to it.

Noah said...

Had a less than ideal set up to try these today as the bar was too low to the floor but managed 40#/40#/45# on the pullups and only tried 40# on the dips as I was running out of time.