Nov 7, 2012

110812 Thursday

Alright, today is another one of those benchmark WODs, another infamous evil girl - Grace!

Today's WOD is a metric of your power and technique.

30 Clean and Jerk at 135# / 95#

If you did BFB on Sat, then feel free to use that time for your metric, and if you feel comfortable with your C&J, see what you can do for a Max. You could also redo it and concentrate on form with a lower weight.

The videos show a variation of attempts at Grace. The first one shows a pretty fast, good paced attempt. His form is good. The last video, the guy has pretty bad form, I put it on as an example to watch out for. Try not to bend your back over, take a good deadlift stance at the bottom, keep a good lower lumbar curve, generate power with hip extension and a good trap pull, before pulling yourself under the bar to catch it on the front rack. Remember that your press or jerk ends with you standing fully up, arms locked out, bar under control. Don't begin to drop the bar early for speed or short yourself with bent arms.

This one will be repeated as well at the end, so remember your times!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Participated in the USAG-H 5K Philly Marathon Kick-off. Apparently, this has been done the last four years or so where the Hohenfels community "starts" the Philly Marathon with the countdown and a 5K.


Jake78 said...

8:38 on Grace.

Wasn't as winded as I thought, but I was ensuring my form was solid to keep my shoulders healthy.

I'll look to improve this.


monroe said...

Point of performance: the trap pull or shrug is actually the initiation of the 3rd pull, i.e. you under the bar, not you pulling the bar up. Subtle, but important difference. Why? Because the notion that you are pulling the bar up vs. pulling yourself under slows the transition from the end of the second pull to the initiation of the third pull. Try it with an empty bar.

Lift with the legs, keep the bar close, and finish the second pull in good triple extension, ankles, knees, and hips.

Noah said...

105 lbs of Grace in 3:50.

Everytime I do C&J's I think to myself, "How did I go 35 years of my life without ever doing C&Js." What a great movement.

Ross said...


Did Grace on Friday so I will use that as my Grace time 2:59 - RX. Wanted to work on 1RM for Clean and Jerk since I have never done it before.

After warm-up worked up from 135 to a couple of failures but managed a BW C&J at 225#.

C&J: 135, 185, 205, 215, 225 (f- on the Jerk), 225 (f- grip in the transition), 225 PR.

Dropped back down and worked snatches @135 both squat and split for a couple of sets of 5 reps. Then ended with three slow sets of 10 OHS @95lbs.

Soraya said...

Hey everyone! Hope all is well with the IMCF crew. My house location and work schedule prevent me from getting to an affiliate, so John's deployment paycheck bought me an amazing new Rogue home gym +C2 rower. I often use the IMCF programming, so keep it up!

I have a question that IMCF Hohenfels or someone else might be able to answer. I am going to a 3 week exercise at Camp Aachen in Grafenwoehr in late November to mid December. Does anyone know where the nearest facility is that would have weights and/or CF type stuff? I won't have a car, so I am preparing to be SOL. Any intel would be great.

Much love from JBLM,
Soraya Turner

Ross said...


Graf has a CF area in their main gym on post. It is small but has most the essentials.

Noah and I used it last march when we were out there.

scottnkelly9901 said...

Soraya, the main gym on Graf has a decent, although small, area dedicated to doing crossfit WODs. I've only been there once, but there seems to be a small community of CFers.

Soraya said...

Awesome - Thanks for the feedback.

Joe O said...

5:12 Rx. Been a long time since I did any C&J work. Tried to get a one rep max first, but couldn't get close. My form needs a lot of work.