Nov 6, 2012

110712 Wednesday

Note:  Running and jumping today.  Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for the jumping part of the WOD.

Today will be a relief from the weights. Plenty more coming this week, so take it easy. 

WOD - 10 sprints, best done at the track, but do it from the bubble if you want.

2 x 400 - goal of 90 sec pace, 2 min rest between.

4 x 200 - goal of 45 sec pace, 2 min rest between.

4 x 100 - goal of sub 15 sec pace, 1 min rest between.

You can time your rests or pace a slow recovery jog, whatever your comfortable with.

Post to comments early to get a group together at the track for this one ... and stay out of the way if there's a PT test running!


After the sprints, return to the bubble and do broad jumps for distance.

These are static broad jumps for distance. You must land stable. This is one of the measures of your ability to transfer strength to power to move your body mass. Measure the distance and record the length of your jump. There will be tape set up on the bubble floor for general lengths. Practice and then take the best distance you can get.


Mike Anderson said...

What is the prescribed rest interval?

rob said...

I just sent an e-mail to Scott for clarification.

Charles Day said...

Greg E. and I are planning on running sprint intervals meeting at the track at 0600 if anyone wants to share the suck

Scott S said...
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Scott S said...

Also, my group will be meeting around 545ish, jogging to the track to do the sprints, then jogging back to cool down, before doing the broad jumps.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press:
10x10 @ 115 (~1 min rest)

18:37 for total duration

Intervals were generally on the mark until the 100s ~20secs avg. Used my HR as my resting interval. Initial recovery times were around 1 min; later intervals around 1:30. Great day to do intervals - 40 degrees with heavy mist!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Broadjump score: 84.5"

rob said...

The track was occupied (again) this morning; this time with signs stating it was 'off-limits'. I moved up to the bubble and ran on the road by the DFAC and the bowling alley.

400m 80sec, 80sec
200m 38, 38, 37, 38
100m 18, 18, 17, 17

broad jumpe was 7'6"

For what it's worth - I'm submitting an ICE comment about the number of days the track is off limits to all except those taking a PT test. While the track may be a 'good' place for a PT test, there are better locations. Putting the track off-limits for as long as they have doesn't serve the Ft. Leavenworth community at large. There were numerous days in October and apparently it's extending into November.

Justin Mcgovern said...

There was a PT test going on but they weren't on the track so I did the workout there.
400 - 83
400 - 85
200 - 30
200 - 37
200 - 42
100 - 21
100 - 21
100 - 20
100 - 22
First broad jump was the best 6'2''

Noah said...

Broad jump was 7'9".

Sprints, in order, were:
400M 71"
200M 37"
200M 35"
200M 38"
200M 37"
100M 16"
100M 16"
100M 17"
100M 15"
400M 85".

Hadn't done a broad jump or sprints in quite some time so it was good to make my legs move in that type of motion again.

Ross said...


Indoor track here is 160m in the outside lane, so I guesstimated the distances used the same start and stop points each time so at least I was using the same distance for each run segment.
400 = 2.5 laps
200 = 1.25 laps
100 = like 2/3 lap
400: 81sec, 82 sec
200: 35 sec, 31 sec, 31 sec, 32 sec,
100: 14 sec, 13 sec, 12 sec, 13 sec

Broad Jump: took me a couple of times to get it down - did five jumps:
82", 84", 86",90", 90"

monroe said...

Today is a good day to use a metronome to keep you on pace. I did 4x400 rowing with some pushups and DB thrusters in between this morning. Later today I'll do some snatch and CJ work at 80%. Last workout before a meet this weekend. If you've never been to Coach Burgener's website before, check it out. He pposts CrossFit and oly workouts. There is a good piece there answering a question about whether to train in one regimen or the other or both.

monroe said...

PS, I do both, and continue to set fairly regular PR's at both.

Erik said...

400 - 1:18
400 - 1:22

200 - 39
200 - 41
200 - 42
200 - 42

100 - 13
100 - 13
100 - 14
100 - 13

Our distances were loosely accurate, but we'll have a baseline for next round of testing

Meghan Smith said...

Completed a different WOD after my class this morning so I'll do the sprints later this week.
10, 9, 8, 7...2, 1 Bear Complex
1, 2, 3, 4..., 9, 10 Toes to Fingertips (essentially Toes to Bar on the Floor)

Re-posted the Rx Jump Rope order list. It's taped to a dry erase board. We'll get enough for at least 10% off, hopefully 15%. The website explains how to measure your cable. For weight, they've yet to put it back up with the new site so here's the info if you don't watch the video:
Buff--new to DU, stringing together some. Heaviest they sell.
Elite--have DU, fault under 75 reps. Good overall training rope, enough weight for feedback but not too heavy.
Ultra--75-100 DU. Light but gives some feedback.
Hyper--100+ DU. Very light, very fast, no feedback

Mike Anderson said...

I was up late watching election coverage so I worked out in the afternoon.
400m 78s; 81s
200m 40s; 38s; 40s; 39s
100m 14s; 15s; 15s
I felt a tug in my hamstring on my last 100m interval so I stopped and skipped the broad jump