Nov 5, 2012

110612 Tuesday

Celebrate Election Day with a WOD!
It is supposed to hurt this bad:

Ok, today is the most infamous of Crossfit workout - FRAN.

As the first video states, it is one of the foundational workouts that helped to discover all that is the Crossfit of today.

This is a sprint type workout. You're supposed to push through and supposed to end up on the floor with NOTHING left to give.

There will be a 10 min time cap. So scale the weight to keep the intensity, rather than take more more time to do the workout as Rx'ed. If you don't have kipping pull-ups, do jumping, assist with a band, but keep the motion going, rather than pause for long periods until you regain feeling in your arms. INTENSITY is key here!

Before Christmas, we'll do it again, and either you'll more able to handle the Rx'ed weight in the same as your scaled weight, or you'll decrease your time, (or the program didn't work!)

95#/65# Thrusters / Pull-ups

Best done by having someone else count reps and keep time. Form counts - Squat below 90, full extension above your head for thrusters, Chin above bar for pull-ups.

The WOD is quick, so you can do it in heats. Take your time getting ready, best to do a good warm-up, feel the weight out, take a minute and then blast through it!

Remember your times and weights for the final baseline week!

Skill / Cool down – 1:00 cumulative L sit

Mobility for Fran:


Meghan Smith said...

I should have caught it before but in the past we've Rx'd the women at 65. Just wanted to bring it up for those that have previous Rx scores in their logs so comparison is apples to apples. (Generally women are Rx at about 70% of the men's weight.)

Ed said...

My bad Meg, I didn't catch this as I posted it.

I updated the post.


Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Meghan Smith said...

My class is putting in a bulk order for ropes from Rx Jump Ropes. I'll post a sign up sheet in the Bubble tomorrow evening. My goal is to collect enough orders to get at least 10% off, hopefully 15%. Email me at if you have questions.

You'll need to know which handles you want, which cable you want (both color and weight), as well as cable length.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

6:15 as Rx'd - ~15 sec faster than previous PR!

That said, came real close to scaling. If/when we do this again, I'll likely scale to 85lbs just to see if I can maintain unbroken = greater intensity.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

I think I have mild PTSD from Fran. I'm struggling to type and clearly repeating myself.

"That said" good luck to all and don't forget to vote!

Russ Ames said...

PR'd this back in 2010 at 6:49.

Not so fast my friend....8:01 today as Rx.

Mike Anderson said...

Did a scaled Fran:
135 lb Front Squat
Ring Rows

Darin had his first day at back CF now that Jr High Football is over:
35 lb Thruster
Green Band Pullups

I'm not sure Fran meets the constitutional requirements for POTUS because she's not 35 years old. But, on the plus side, I think Fran would be bi-partisan about the pain she'd cause.

Ross said...


Rx at 4:49
Thrusters unbroken which was an improvement for from level 1 in April. Pull-ups did not got as smooth as I had hoped. Unbroken first set, but had to break up the last two.

Ed said...

Rx at 4:09, PR by 11 sec.

I think I have a 3:45 in me, just lost grip on the last set and had to break up the pullups. Thrusters should have been faster on the round of 9 as well. I didn't put the bar down, but didn't maintain a rhythm and rested in the rack position.

rob said...

I was envious of all those doing Fran today. It certainly is a Catch-22 to want to do it but not be able. Anyway, I did a WOD I'll use as a bench mark in 6-weeks:

25 x wall balls 20lbs
500m row
50 x DU


Justin Mcgovern said...

6:13 scaled with 65#. Last time I did Fran I had tomuse a band on the pullups and my time was almost doubled No band today and was a lot lower time

Wade said...


3:37 Rx.

Lungs were burning afterwards. Had to break up the last 2 sets of pullups.

Jake78 said...

Press 165
Back Squat 315
Deadlift 375
Total 855

34 years old, BW 157,

Today can't do Fran as Rx'ed due to should issues when I do high rep thrusters. Did 45lbs instead of 95.

4:45 was my time.

Greg E said...

Lungs are still burning...
Fran RX @ 4:50

Meghan Smith said...

No Fran for me with a bum shoulder. Did 21-15-9 of DL, goblet squats and box jumps. Figured it was about the same time as a Fran. :) My legs were smoked but it was a good WOD.

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Noah said...

Since I voted two weeks ago (absentee) and did Fran two weeks ago (5:54 RX) I chose not to do either today. Weak I know. Worked snatch mechanics and ring work instead.

Rich M. said...

Late post: Fran today at 5:13, which is about 40 sec slower than my PR. I've got that in me, and think I can beat it the next time we do this.

Rich M. said...

Late post: Fran today at 5:13, which is about 40 sec slower than my PR. I've got that in me, and think I can beat it the next time we do this.

Charles Day said...

A bit of a late post; Finished Fran as Rx'd at 5:20 today. It's a new pr for me but a little disapointed I really thought I could get under 5 easily...not for lack of intensity though, yep I saw my "lunch" a second time!

Jon Ramirez said...

5:14 Not to bad I suppose.