Nov 4, 2012

110512 Monday

Ok all, this begins the 'Baseline' week for the IMCF Strength Bias programming until Christmas Break.

We're setting our Benchmarks for some lifts/exercises and some Famous WODs this week. Future WODs (post Vet day) will have a 'Strength' portion WOD and a METCON complimentary WOD. The idea will be to do the WODs consecutively, with a heavy emphasis on not holding back from pushing the heavy lifting! After this week, we'll have a baseline to establish the % of your 1 or 3 rep max (RM) for future workouts.

Today is the CrossFit total. A simple compilation of 1 RM for Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. Suggest that you gather in groups, 4-6 per group and do a warm-up, then right into a build-up to a 1RM. If you are not that experienced or uncomfortable, try for a 3 RM on one or all of the lifts. The standards are pretty simple, as shown in the video, but to put in print as well:

Once warmed-up and a build-up complete, you get 3 attempts at max effort, NO time limits, just do all lifts in one session.

Back squat - Crease of the hips must go below the knee (ie go below 90, touch a med ball at the bottom if you're not sure), Stand completely up.

Strict Press - Bar starts on your front rack (across your chest/shoulders) travels up to locked out arms ABOVE your head, NO movement from your hips or knees. (think - a seated military press without the seat)

Deadlift - Bar on ground, stand up to fully erect position, no leaning over with straight legs.

Stay safe, look forward to the totals!!

CrossFit Total
1 rep, max weight for -
Back Squat

Explaining the standards for the Total:

If you're not comfortable going for 1 rep max, go for a 3 rep max (heaviest you can lift for three consecutive reps).

For those who want a judgment on performance, where do you rank?

Are you going low enough in your squat?


Ed said...

BS: 325
Press: 135
DL: 355

Total: 815, not a PR an any lift. I have the most to gain in the Press, since I have lost about 20 lbs there since injuring my wrist.

On another note, please re-organize the weights in the platform lifting area once you're done, especially if you took weights from that area to lift elsewhere.

Each rack next to a platform should have two each of the following weights (45, 35, 25, 10) and half the platforms have a pair of 15s. There are then two sets of 5s and 2.5s over by the six platforms.

Please help keep our gym organized!

Andy M. said...

DL - 365
BS - 295
PR - 140
Total - 800

Well off the mark on BS and Press PRs...I take no responsibility for the weak effort and blame it all on Taylor Swift.

Erin Anderson said...

The bubble looks great! Nice work everyone!

DL-too sore to try

Wade said...


DL - 345
BS - 365
PR - 175
Total - 885

Much to be gained on the DL front. Great push today by Josh who went beast mode on the DL and put up 375, a PR for him!

Ross said...


PRESS: 195
BS: 335

Total 935

Moved up some, but not as much as I wanted - only 10 pts higher then MID Aug.

Press - Same as August's press, I think that is my true 1RM moving up just a couple of pounds and I cannot press it any higher than nose or eye level with out adding movement.

BS: Same as August's, probably could go higher, but gym was vacant this morning and could not find a spotter, i was comfortable with 335 and going to depth, did not want to try higher without a spot.

DL: Up 10 lbs since Aug, CF Total, but below my PR set last month on DL - no excuse... Now lets do this and see what everyone is rocking come XMAS...

Noah said...

First time in the gym, or at least you would have thought it was had you seen my epic fail on a back squat attempt and I also managed to spill a weighted bar off the rack. Despite the shenanigans was able to complete the three lifts.

BS 250
PR 115
DL 315

Hoping for the most improvement on the press as it has always been a limfac for me.

monroe said...

Squat: 280
Press: 145
Dead: 345
THat's 3 Pr's!
Finished with some power cleans, jerk variations in prep for the meet this wekkend in St. Jo.

Greg E said...

Squat: 315
Press: 165
Dead: 365
Total = 845

No PRs but it felt good!

Erik said...


DL: 365
BS: 315
Press: 135

TOTAL: 815

Russ Ames said...

Dl: 325 pr!
SQ: 255 down 10
SP: 125 down 10