Oct 5, 2012

Upcoming IMCF Events

Barbells For Boobs
IMCF will host this WOD on Saturday, 3 November 2012.  Details TBP.

October Foundations
We will have a Foundations on either 20 or 27 October.  Looking for volunteers to assist.  Consider teaching a class if you haven't done one yet.  We might have coach's clinics as early as this week.

CGSC Electives "A910"
We will host three electives classes for the winter start CGSC class on Tues 16 Oct: 0700-1000, Mon 26 Nov: 0700-1000, and Tues 27 Nov: 1100-1300. We need Primary and Assistant instructors for these three classes. Need Level 1 certified folks for primaries, assistants need only be willing to help out. So far we have a PI for the 16th. Please post if you can help any of the days or e-mail ironmajorcrossfit@gmail.com.

Deep Clean on the Bubble
The bubble is in need of a deep clean.  MWR cannot support that effort and so it falls to us.  Although it might be said that this isn't our responsibility, it provides us an opportunity to show MWR and Garrison HQ that IMCF cares about our gym.  It's our house; it's where we give our best efforts.  More details to follow.  We'll most likely spend a few hours on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Level 1 Course Scholarships
There are still a few days for athletes to submit an application.  Encourage those around you to submit one.


Jared said...


Can you send me the scholarship form. I have tried several times from multiple computers, all to no avail.

rob said...

Jared - I can send it. I need your e-mail address. You can post it here or send it to me at robert.craig1@us.army.mil

Rich M. said...

Im looking forward to beiing back in the bubble a week from now! Please send me the info on tthe B4B...I want to joiin the IMCF team!