Oct 20, 2012

Upcoming Events

October Foundations 27 October 2012
If you're just getting into the workouts, or are interested and want to know the basics of CrossFit, you can't miss the Foundations class. The next class will be Saturday, 27 October 2012 from 0830 - 1230.

Foundations classes teach the basic concepts, movements and nutrition which underpin all CrossFit training. Teaching these movements takes one four hour class and will help you safely complete and therefore enjoy the Iron Major CrossFit workout of the day (WOD). The classes are done in small groups which enables detailed individual coaching. There is no obligation from completing these classes.

To sign up send an e-mail to mark.e.monroe1.ctr@mail.mil or put your name on the sheet in the bubble.

Coach's Clinic

The coach's clinic for the 27 October 2012 Foundations Class will be this Wednesday, 24 October 2012 at 0600 at the Bubble.  Even if you are not planning on helping with the Foundations class it is a good opportunity to get some training on your coaching skills.

If you are interested in teaching one of the classes or being a PI either 1) show up Wednesday morning or 2) contact Mark at mark.e.monroe1.ctr@mail.mil .

Barbells for Boobs (B4B) & Bubble Clean-up
Join us on Saturday, 3 November for Barbells for Boobs with a bonus round! After completing the fundraising WOD "Grace" (https://support.barbellsforboobs.org/group-fundraising/IronMajorCrossfit) followed by a Functional Fitness workout where we deep clean the Bubble!

It is important that we take care of OUR gym, and that we present it to the CFHQ L1 certifying trainers at it's best. More details to follow, but we're looking for some quick, dedicated, hard work to get the Bubble up to speed. We'll be painting the Wall Ball wall, marking the measurements properly, cleaning up the mats, re-taping pull up stations, and more. Adult and child beverages will be provided. Contact Meg Smith (coachmegsmith@gmail.com) if you're willing to help, if you've got some clean up equipment we can use (power washer, leaf blowers, large push brooms, etc), or if you're willing to provide a small snack. If we work together, we can get this done!

If you have questions about B4B, contact Tiffany: tmccully20@gmail.com

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