Oct 18, 2012

Friday Team WOD
Ooppps!! Anyone who was reading the blog earlier already saw tomorrow's team WOD.  Sorry about that.  Either way, it's an another opportunity for a great workout and to participate in the 'awesomeness' that is the CrossFit community.  We need a volunteer to organize and 3.2.1. GO! for a 0615-ish start time.  Post to the blog if you are able to help out.

0545hrs Start (Luster)
0615hrs Start (??)
1600hrs Start (Brandi)

As usual, you'll get a brief at the times listed above and start shortly thereafter; implied is that you are warmed up by them.


Greg E said...

I have no class until 1030 tomorrow so I'm all in and would love to help.

Please Send me the WOD at Greg.escobar@gmail.com so I can take a look at the WOD.

I will put together a special play list for tomorrow morning and promise salt and pepper won't make it in... See you tomorrow @ 6:15!

Charles Day said...

How can you expect a high level of motivation with out your piña colada playlist!!

Erin Anderson said...

Good end of week workout Brandy & Luster! It was fun/motivating to partner with Rich!