Oct 30, 2012

103112 Wednesday

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20 min AMRAP:
15 OHL (overhead lunge) ea leg 25/10  (plate/dumbbell)
10 burpees
5 pullups


Meghan Smith said...

Don't forget to sign up for Barbells for Boobs on Saturday! Join the IMCF team (under "find an affiliate") to help us know how many athletes are attending!

Thanks to all who have RSVP'd for the Bubble clean up. If you offered equipment/supplies, please bring it! The more help the better...bring the family and help us get our gym in the best shape we can!

Meghan Smith said...

16 lunges into my 8th round. Thanks to Erin A. for working with me and to Rob and Rich for the push at the end after they finished.

Great to see MG Cardon (2ID) in the Bubble today.

Don't forget to sign up for Barbells for Boobs and the Bubble clean up on Saturday.

Andy M. said...

7 miserable rounds for me. Tough followup to yesterday's Death By Front Squat.

Ross said...


Yeah, I did not feel the love today on this WOD, just couldn't get the lunges to go any faster, and of course burpees - Hate them... But Pull-ups felt awesome so there is a positive spin on the morning.. Need to find a partner to motivate me through these days..

7 rds +30(15 ea) Lunges and 3 Burpees...

Wade said...


9 rounds.

Brutal wod, but great push by fellow IMCF LA teammates - Erik and Josh. The pullups were a nice "break", but they just didn't last long enough.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

6rds + 6 lunges

modified with ~50lb sandbag ILO 25lb plate

rob said...

6rds + 25 lunges with some subs: 10 get-ups for burpees and 10 inclined push ups for pull ups. Two strengths for me are burpees and pull-ups so I was significantly inhibited by the get-ups and push-ups i.e I'd rather do burpees and pull ups than a lot of other things! Hopefully they will still be my strength after full shoulder recovery. We had about 10 in our group today; was nice to share the suck with friends.

Erik said...


9 rounds

Erin Anderson said...

7 rounds plus 7 burpies. Thx for the motivation Meg!

Russ Ames said...

Team ANGIE for Seminar PT

100 Pullup
100 CF Pushup
100 AbMat SU
100 Air Squat

partner = 200m Run / 250m Row

My group time: 23 min or so