Oct 29, 2012

103012 Tuesday

Thruster and  Beep Test
You can do these events in either order.

Thruster ladder
Thruster Ladder 95#/65#:  Start the clock:  one rep in the first minute, two reps in the second minute, three reps in the third minute, etc. etc……until failure.

Beep Test
Trysometing different.  Richard Vick has reserved the West gym in Harney and set up the beep test for anyone who wants to try it.  You can walk in and see him anytime from 0530 to 0700 on Tuesday.  The west gym is all the way in the back of Harney and Rich said he'll have a sign on the door.

A beep test is about running, running and running again. The test is performed by running  between two cones which are 20 meters apart. The beep is the signal to run to the next interval. Total work out time will be 15 minutes. Sequence of events: Short intro to the beep test, the scoring, short warm up then run test. The pencils and score sheets will be provided.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Thruster Ladder:
10rds + 6 reps (11th min)

Last time I did this I scored 11 rds + 11 reps. Not a great performance but also still out of synch coming out of rotation.

No beep test. Worked on mobility.

Jon Ramirez said...

12 rds + 1 rep smoker. Ran 2 miles afterwards.

Rich V. said...

Thanks for the help on the Beep test. Had 27 people take the test. Had 4 people make it to level 10. GREAT JOB!!!
I will get the CD to the people who wanted one. Lets do another test in late November or early December.I will give you a range of dates. Again thanks!!

rob said...

I did a FS ladder with 135lbs and then the Beep test.

FS Ladder
11rds complete + 5 FS
Beep Test - 6rds complete

Thanks for setting this up Rich. It's a good benchmark.

Jason McKenzie said...

Substituted thrusters with a second round of the beep test.
round 1 = Level 8 + 5
round 2 = Level 8 complete

Jake78 said...

Did a scaled "Kelly" today.


Workout was
3 rounds
400m row
30x Box Jumps
30x Wall Ball shots


monroe said...

Rich Martin if you are scanning the blog give me a call at 684-4328

Ross said...


Felt really good on this at Round 10, did not feel so good for 13, and 14. Made it all the way through got 15 reps right at 14:57, and did not even attempt to start the next round - I was smoked.

15rds @95lbs

No Beep test here.

Mike Anderson said...

I scaled with 135 lb Front Squat in lieu of thrusters for the ladder
12 rds complete.

Wade said...


15 rounds.

Started to snowball on me at Rd 12.

Erin Anderson said...

11 rounds on thrusters. Skipped the beep test, not ready to sprint on my hamstring but that would have been a good cardio workout!

Mark said...

8 rounds 1 rep. Did 2-miles in 14 minutes in lieu of the beep test.

Noah said...

11 rds plus 7 reps. Worked on backflips afterwards. Attempting to run after the thrusters would have been disastrous.

Andy M. said...

To borrow from a common meme, "well that escalated quickly..."

Subbed FS @ 135: 11 rds +10 reps.

I had a hard time walking to the car afterward, running 2 miles or beeps wasn't in the realm of possible. Kudos to those that did.

Greg E said...

10 rounds on the thruster WOD.

Then this afternoon.
5 RFT @ 29:05
400 meter row
30 box jumps
30 wall balls

Russ Ames said...

Made this up on Thursday, but only got 7 rds + 4 reps on minute 8.