Oct 28, 2012

102912 Monday

(Glute-Ham Raise WOD was updated since 1800hrs.  The update includes a 3rd video on use of a spotter.)

Skill Day

TGU & Glute Ham Raises

TGU (Turkish getups) 35/20 5-5-5-5-5 (each arm)

Glute-Ham Raises 3-3-3-3-3

Focus on maintaining lumbar curve, lowering upper body to the horizontal position, then pulling knees down while pulling up with heels.  **Use a spotter to help you scale in getting to horizontal position.

(See Octogon - CrossFit Video at 3:39 mark for demonstration of spotter)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Started with DL
12-10-8-8 @ 135-225-275-275

Pull-ups (strict)

Did the TGUs w/ 30lb DB. Definitely a skill that requires more practice.

No GHD = No GHRs

Robert Parmenter said...

The Grigsby:
a few of us were asked to work out with the former SAMS director, currently the 1AD ADC (M).
This is what we did
1000M Row,
21-15-9 of
115# push press
115# front squat
followed by 20 Pullups and 20 GHD situps.
our times varied from 16-26 minutes. but a smoker workout.
thanx to those that participated

Jake78 said...

Did Back Squats today, was feeling like I needed more Iron in my diet.

5 sets of 3 (5x3)

at 260lbs


Ross said...


Did the TGUs this morning alternating between a 40lb KB on set then a 40lb dumbbell the next set just to change the balance and grip a bit. No GHD here either so I just worked some hip and back extensions 3 x 10 of each on the 45 degree back extension rig.

Finished off with 3x10 of OHS @95#, utilizing a slow count up and down and pause in the bottom of thrid set. Then worked in 6x3 of Squat Snatches @ 95# stressing on holding the squat position for a count just to help me focus on getting into the full squat.

Erik said...


5x5 TGU 30#
3x5 Partner GHR's

Andy M. said...

10 mins, EMOM: 1 x DL (315)

Did TGU at 35lb. Haven't done them for reps in a while. DB seems more comfortable/safe than KB.

rob said...

I'm still months away from a TGU so I did FS
5 x 5

It was good to see BG Gribsby with the SAMS folks. I would loved to have done that WOD.

Matt B. said...

Warmup followed by skill work with the front squat rack, deadlift form @135#, and a few cleans @135 just b/c I was feeling springy.