Oct 25, 2012

102612 Friday

Fight Gone Twice as Bad
5 Rounds for Points, Two-Person Team:
Wall Balls 1min 20/14
SDHP 1min 75/55
Box Jumps 1min 24/20
Push Press 1min 75/53
Row 1min for Cal @ Level 5

*1st teammate executes, other holds plank; switch places between exercises.  No breaks between rounds.

0545 brief ( Luster)
0615 brief (Steve and Greg)
1600 brief (Brandi)
Warm up on your own and be prepated to execute right after the biref.


Noah said...

Just my thought on rowing...since not all rowers are the same due to stretch in the bungee cables, when the last time the flywheel was greased, how much build up there is inside the screen etc., a damper setting of 5 for one rower may be equivalent to a damper setting of 8 on another rower. The way to alleviate this is to set a rower to a known drag factor, the standard is 140. It is easy to set on the Menu-Utilities page (menus vary between the PMI 2 and PMI 4), give it 5-6 pulls and you will have a fairly accurate drag factor. Most of our rowers are 140 at a 6-7 damper setting. Does it really matter...no, because this WOD will smoke you all the same anyway. But I feel if we want everyone rowing at a known standard then drag factor is the way to achieve it.

rob said...

Thanks Noah. Good info.
Are you and Jared going to set up a group at 0740ish tomorrow?

Jared said...

Rob- We will be there about 0740 with a WOD start at 0800.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

186 - Modified as follows:

3 rounds ILO 5

18lb med ball
95lb SDHP and push press
95lb squat clean ILO row

Ed said...

Team Ken & Ed: 554

Good group this morning for the early start. Thanks Luster for setting this one up.

Robert Parmenter said...

team Rob'n'Banks
total score 495.
great smoker, lots of planking adds up.

Noah said...

464 for Jared and Noah. Had the gym all to ourselves from 0745-0845, which is kind of unfortunate. My planks became more like wet paper as they began to sag and touch the floor with increasing frequency and duration. Good way to end the week, though.

Nice job to those folks who were around 500 and up!

rob said...

Nice team WOD to finish the week. I sub'd R-arm KB SDHP 53lbs and R-arm KB push-press 35lbs. I used a 14lb ball - I've progressed from 6 to 10 to 14lbs. Luster and I partnered; Luster had our score card but becasue of me we get a * by it.

Erik said...


Team: Wade & Erik

536 as Rx'ed except:

- 18# Wall ball
- Transition to rower was ~30 second jog, so planks to and from were cut short.