Oct 24, 2012

102512 Thursday

15 min AMRAP:
20 Box Jumps
15 Burpees
10 GHD Situps

Box jump examples

Burpee examples

GHD sit ups example


Ed said...

I really appreciated the cold front that blew in and dropped the temperature by about 20 degrees around 0615 this morning, made the bicycle ride back from the gym much more entertaining.

I subbed parallette pass-throughs for burpees since they hurt my wrist less. Thanks to LTC Martin for suggesting them over pullups.

5 rounds + 20 Box Jumps + 7 parallette pass-throughs

I may have rediscovered an exercise that sucks more than burpees ...

Andy M. said...

5 rds + 1 box jump.

Ed - Thought about an burpee alt for the same reason, but got through them OK today. Will have to add parallette pass-throughs to the bag o' tricks.

Ross said...


Had no gas this morning but got through it...

Subbed 2 to 1 AB MAT Sit-ups for GHD since I did not have one.

5rds +10 BJ.

Wade said...


6 rds + 20 box jumps

subbed ABMAT situps for GHD - should've done 2 to 1, great idea Ross

Noah said...

5 rounds plus 5 box step ups. Decided to add 40# to the box jumps which made them step up/downs with two 20# dumbbells.