Oct 23, 2012

1024 Wednesday

20 min AMRAP:
15 Air Squats
15 Pushups
15 Double Unders
Row 250 / Run 200

Air squat instruction

Push up instruction

Double under instruction


Noah said...

I feel a smoker comin' on!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press
3x10 @ 135, 3x10 @ 115, 4x10 @ 105

9 rds + 15 squats
"scaled" with CTD push-ups ILO CFSPU
Had no gas this AM. Guessing the two weeks of litle sleep and extra stress from this rotation are catching up. Still good to keep moving and get the heart rate up.

Andy M. said...

7 rds + 15 squats. Row & CFSPU. This one hurt a bit.

Noah said...

Finished 8 rds in 20:10. Coming off the rower and going right into air squats = good times. Used 140 drag count and chest to deck pushups.

Ross said...


Manged two good WODs this morning.
Ran the Cadets through a 5 person team workout
3 laps around the FB Field (about 300 m) with a 20 lbs med ball - ball cannot hit the ground or you start over on the run.
2 laps walking lunges
10 rope climbs
300 push ups - army style
300 sit ups -
300 box jumps 20"
400 Air Squats
We assigned a team leader, to each team, gave a demo of the events, and then gave them their teams with 2 mins to figure out how they wanted to approach / split up the events. Cadre on teams could not assist in how they broke up the workout but did work as part of the team. I did not use the progressive approach on this because I wanted to see how the team leaders would ID and break up the strengths to get the fastest completion time and see if they could manage their teams so no one was sitting still. Add to this they had to sequence the ropes (only 2 ropes) and BJs (10 stations) because of limited assets. They did a good job, did not see anyone sitting still.
My team managed a 17:33 slowest team was right at 23:00 min.

Then 30 mins later I attacked Today's WOD used CFSPU and the 200 m run:
11 rds

spent the next 10 minutes rolling on the floor coughing and wincing in pain. Good work out.

Meghan Smith said...

1 Row shy of 8 rounds. Had to go to the knees on the pushups because I'm still struggling with some shoulder issues.

Good WOD, even if it was so muggy in the Bubble this morning!

Thanks to the people responding to help with the Bubble Clean Up. If you've offered to bring equipment, please do. We'll likely need all of it. More details next week.

Erik said...


10 rounds + 15 squats + 15 PU

Wade said...


10 rds + 15 sq, 15 pu, 15 du, ~100m run


Major Retard said...

I only completed 5 rds, the DU really slowed me down. At best I got 3 DU in a row. Does anybody have any advice on how to improve this skill?