Oct 22, 2012

102312 Tuesday

Run 200m
100 jumping jacks (single count)
Run 200m
75 air squats
200m run
50 sit-ups
Run 200m
25 push-ups


scottnkelly9901 said...
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scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10:46 as Rx'd with an extra 200m
For some reason I remembered a "bookend" and didn't want to not complete the WOD

1. Forgot how boring "jumping jacks" are.
2. Amazing how slow air squats are the day after 85x reps of DLs.

Ed said...

7:28 with 'regular' pushups; realized later that they probably should've been hand release ... next time.

Good push this morning, especially the crew that went for a second round and beat their first time!

Jake78 said...


Still taking it easy, I'll swim tomorrow and come to the coaches clinic.

Iron Major Comp for the win!!


Ross said...


I had a slight mod, I did AB MAT Situps, and CFSPU.


Wade said...


8:09 Rx w/hand release push ups

Good luck on the iron major competition Jake!

rob said...

10:49 with 'get-ups' for sub on push ups. I was moving really well through the WOD until the 'get-ups'. I did them on a slight incline and they take considerably more time than a push-up. I project I'll do modified push-up in about 6 weeks (modified - no full extension at the bottom).

Jason McKenzie said...

Yeah, I was one of the crazies that did 2 rounds.

7:57 first round, 7:48 second round with hand release PU

Thanks Ed for pushing me on the box jumps. Never thought I'd get up on a 50" box. Now I think I can go to 54 by the end of the school year.

Andy M. said...

I somehow got convinced by some shady characters that 400m splits would be twice the fun. That math didn't work out. 12:13, reg PU.

Second round, huh? Good on ya. That thought never even crossed my mind. Did finish up with some sprints (100/40/20m).

Mike Anderson said...

Wow, I really feel like a slug for just doing the workout as Rx'd one time. All you guys that either did it twice or subbed 400s - good job.

10:31 - for some reason I had no squat mojo. That part killed my time.

Got to get better each day.

Justin Mcgovern said...

9:44. Another round would have been a great idea. Decided to go for a quick run around the golf course.

Noah said...

8:35 with abmat situps and hand release pushups.

Toyed around with muscle ups and backflips afterwards. I'm glad my gym has fun things like rings and crash pads in it and not idiotic things like mirrors and bicep curl machines.

Meghan Smith said...

11:31 with abmats and hand release. Worked on C&J for a bit, too.

Major Retard said...

12:28 w/ 200m row subed for the running. Doc wants me to lay off the running for a few more weeks.