Oct 18, 2012

101912 Friday

Team WOD
-  exercises below are cumulative between a 2-man team
-  each exercise must be complete before moving on to the next one
-  each exercise uses a unique number of wall ball shots (WBS) at the pacing exercise

2000m Row, pacing exercise is 20 x WBS (20/14)

100 SDHP 95/65, pacing exercise is 15 x WBS (20/14)

50 Pullups, pacing exercise is 10 x WBS (20/14)

At 3.2.1. Go! Partner 1 starts rowing and Partner 2 starts WBS.  When Partner 2 completes 20 WBS he replaces Partner 1 at the rower and continues the meter count.  Repeat this sequence until all three exercises (row, SDHP, and pull ups) are complete.  Remember that the pacing exercise remains the same but the pacing number changes.

0545hrs Start (Luster)
0615hrs Start (Greg)
1600hrs Start (Brandi)


Robert Parmenter said...

great smoker, I do not want to see any more wallballs next week.
23:11 for Steve and I.
more METCON than I care to admit.
thanx for the WOD.

Meghan Smith said...

Team Ed/Meg was right around 21:05-:10. Great WOD. Wasted some time finding wall balls a few rounds, and the WB/SDHP combo was "fun."

Great programming this week, Luster/Brandi. Sorry about the 1 fingered salute today--it was my quads talking, not me. :)

Don't forget to register for Barbells for Boobs and email me (coachmegsmith@gmail.com) if you're able to help with the Bubble clean up afterwards. Beer is on me!

Andy M. said...
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Andy M. said...

Team WOD looked pretty hardcore. METCON wasn't in the cards for me today.

DL 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Failed 3x at 365. Short of 1RM, but happy with the overall volume.

EMOM (10 min) 2 x Press at 75% (115)