Oct 17, 2012

101812 Thursday

20 min AMRAP:
Front Squat 10 reps 135/95
Pullups 5

Front Squat


monroe said...

I advise using 65% of your 1 Rep max for the front squats. The idea with a high rep scheme like this is to develop range of motion, good form, and speed strength. Heavy weight and high reps is a formula for injury. Form tips: Feet straight, knees out, chest and elbows up. Control your descent and think "up" all the way down.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Great WOD today. Dropped down to 115#. Did 9 rounds even.

rob said...

10.9 rds with 15 x ABmat sit-up sub for pull ups. I needed about 5more sit-ups for 11 rds.

Jake78 said...

135 was harder than it looked!!

I got 10 rounds as RX'ed and nearly threw up afterwards.


Andy M. said...

Feeling the sick coming on and wasn't up for a 20m AMRAP.

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3:

Liberal use of antibacterial wipes afterward.

Jared said...

That really hurt. Completed 9 rounds + 4 FS. Last two rounds were very slow.

Ross said...
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Ross said...


Great WOD. I felt much better about my performance today v. yesterday, but then again Squats and Pullups are two of my strengths.

I was able to set a good goal and pace and keep it through the WOD. I did notice as I hit the last 10 min my feet were starting to creep out on me but I adjusted and had to struggle to keep my line of motion / frontal plane but with focus was able to keep good solid rounds going with full range of motion.

Weight Rx'd at 135# but I did have to switch my grip at around min 15 due to my wrist hurting and bad flexibility used kipping pull-ups - was able to maintain my goal of a round a min (actually did 11 rds in first 10 min and 9 in last 10) for a total of 20 rds.

Jason McKenzie said...

115 for front squat
20 Ab mat sit ups to sub pull-ups (nursing tendonitis in arm)
8 rds plus 10 squats
had to go to back squat last 2 rds. lack of flexibility in wrists hurt. suggestions for improvement welcomed

Greg E said...

This WOD smoker... 10 rounds RX.

After the first 5 I broke the front squats into sets of 2 and 3 and eventually 20 minutes was over.