Oct 16, 2012

101712 Wednesday

Thrusters 95/65



Noah said...

Ring dips just were not in the equation today due to some shoulder impingement. Pullups however felt okay, so since I was alread doing thrusters figured why not knock out Fran...5:54 Rxd. PR for Fran at the Rxd weight by about 80 seconds. Now time for a rest day.

Andy M. said...

10:56, subbed DL (225) for Thrusters. Followed with max height box jumps, got to 48" (PR?).

Wrist is still no good driving out of the front rack position. DLs worked fine, but there is no real sub for Thrusters.

rob said...

Congrats to both on Noah and Andy on PRs.

10min AMRAP
10 x back squat, 135lbs
10 x KB snatch, R-arm only
10 x V-sit up
6 rds + 5 BS

Jared said...

Started with 1K swim (as if shoulders were not going to get enough today). WOD as RXd 12:53. Had to use a purple band on the ring dips - no shoulders left.

Wade said...


10:18 RX

Brutal WOD, the ring dips were definitely the LIMFAC.

Congrats on the PRs, gents!

Ross said...


Noah- just for you - tried to go 135 on thrusters but wrist would not support it in Warm ups. Used 95 for the WOD.

Not sure if it was the lack of partner or if I am coming down with something, just wasn't into it today, had a hard time after round 1 to control my breathing and reduce breaks.

RX'd at 11:38 -

was good to get back on Ring Dips, haven't been doing a whole lot of them lately need to get on them more.

Erik said...

IMCF LA (w/Wade)


95# 21 reps & 10 reps
75# 5 reps & 9 reps

Ring dips:
bands for support for all but ~20 reps

rob said...

Wade - it's good to hear from you. How's life at LAX?

Russ Ames said...

16:32 ...95# thrust but pullups instead of dips. lost most time being slow on burpees